Business 101: Winning The War Against Time

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘time is money’ thousands of times during our business journeys. Nonetheless, the vast majority are still guilty of failing to ever truly gain control of their time. Given that only the most efficient companies can survive in the era of the coronavirus. Time wasting won’t be tolerated.

Here are 10 simple steps that will help you make the most of your time in business.

1| Get An Assistant

There are only 24 hours in the day. So, you need to know that your time is dedicated to the most important task. Whether it’s a virtual assistant at Ruby to handle calls, or a full-time personal assistant is up to you. Either way, your energies should be focused on the most integral matters.

2| Cut Meeting Times

Nothing disrupts the working day quite like a two-hour team meeting that could have been completed in 30 minutes. Keep them concise and use modern tech to communicate with individual workers or teams in a more productive manner. If 40 staff members save an hour, it’s like gaining a staff member.

3| Prevent Downtime

A business that suffers downtime could lose thousands in a very short space of time while reputations may take a hit too. VTech Support can help ensure that all computer systems are up and running in style. Backup power and contingencies, such as remote working, provide a further safety net.

4| Prevent Theft

On a similar note, dealing with the fallout of intrusions could cause serious harm. Investing in the right security for offline, online, and intellectual matters is crucial. Prevention is the best form of protection. Similarly, taking a more active approach to health and safety should be high on the agenda.

5| Know Your Place

A successful marketing strategy should embody many factors. However, appreciating the fact that not all consumers are interested is vital. If your products appeal to a certain demographic, make sure that all content is aimed at them. The views of outside audiences aren’t important to your bottom line.

6| Use Modern VoIP

Customer care is an area where you want your team to be efficient. VoIP tech doesn’t only reduce the cost of calls, but it can integrate with digital systems to log a customer’s interactions. If they call again, your team can handle the matter with ease. Even when a client previously spoke to someone else.

7| Take Breaks

It may sound counterproductive, but regular breaks are essential. A chance to refresh your mind, rehydrate yourself, and stretch the legs can maintain energy levels. Ignoring human factors will stop you from performing at the desired levels. Do not allow yourself to become exhausted.

8| Trust Yourself

Finally, you must learn to start trusting your instincts. Research is vital for a range of key business decisions. However, if you invest too much time on unnecessary steps, it could have a detrimental impact. By the time you’ve made your decision, the issue could be outdated.

Time efficiency isn’t the only key ingredient in the recipe for success, but it will have a telling impact.

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