What Do These 9 Brand Colors Mean To Your Employees?

Your brand tells a visual story. And this story reflects your company’s values and culture. Which is why businesses increasingly invest in great workplace design, so they can create productive work environments that inspire stronger connections between employee and brand. 

But just how important is color to your branding? Let’s take a look at the stats

  • Between 62-90% of a person’s impression about a business is based on color alone
  • Color is thought to increases brand recognition by up to 80%.
  • Color can affect people’s behavior, mood, stress levels and even heart rate

So, it’s fair to say that the hues you choose have a big impact on how your employees feel about your business.

In an earlier post, we discussed the importance of color to workplace design. But the question remains, what do different colors mean and which ones best suit the needs of your business?

In the infographic below, we’ve summarized the meaning of 9 of the most common colors used in branding worldwide. Use it to design your new workspace, shake things up in existing offices or simply confirm that you’re already getting it right. 

Colour Psychology for Your Website [INFOGRAPHIC] - An Infographic from UKWebHostReview

Embedded from UKWebHostReview

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