Automation Tips For Any Sized Small Business


A lot of the latest innovations in business seem reserved for the top dogs. While big corporations get to take advantage of expensive technology, small business owners simply don’t always have the flexibility to adopt trends in marketing and sales. This discrepancy isn’t an issue anymore when it comes to automation. With marketing automation tools becoming more affordable, more accessible, and more effective than ever, any sized small business can take on these tools without breaking the bank. Plus, these automation tips end up helping small businesses make money. 

The best change to a marketing plan is a profitable one, but it also needs to be worth your time. That’s the beauty of automation: most of the work is done for you, meaning you just have to implement and run your business as usual. Here are some of the automation tips worth checking out as a small business owner. 

Small Business Automation Tips

There are several parts of running a small business that become time and money intensive. Not to mention, we’re going through an unprecedented time with the Coronavirus pandemic. Things like sales and customer service during COVID-19 can’t be set aside. That’s why these automation tools can really help address concerns about the present as well as set you up for success in the future. Here are a few to check out, no matter how small your small business is!

Automated Chatbots for Leads

A huge part of running a small business is generating leads and managing possible future clients. One difficult part of managing leads is responding to emails in a timely fashion. Depending on how much of your operation you’re having to manage shorthanded or solo right now, automated email responses can really help. It’s not to say that you want to eliminate your role in email responses altogether. Rather, you can find ways to keep your sales service personable, even when you’re not available. 

Automate Social Media Posts

There’s nothing quite like social media marketing. The platforms most often used for staying in touch with friends and following current events are also incredibly impactful for a small business. It’s easy to find yourself busy with tasks and to shrug off posting on social media. The fact of the matter is that many people utilize social media to seek and support small businesses. If it’s tough to find time to post on social media, automation allows you to schedule posts ahead of time. This way, you can set aside time to plan for social media and ensure you reap the rewards of the customer engagement that comes from these sites.

Bill Paying

Not only is it terribly stressful to pay bills right now, but it sometimes adds a level of anxiety that can be avoided if you simply automate the process. A lot of great software options exist to help small businesses automate bill paying across all operations costs. Without that sit-down and stressful experience of spending too much time looking at your finances, you can get your bills paid on time and avoid added stresses.

Recruiting and Hiring

With the recent influx of jobs changing and being eliminated, you may be looking to hire someone new or change up positions within your small business. Head to a search engine and look up job posting websites: there are thousands of them. Automate the recruiting process by getting your job listing in as many places as possible without individually submitting them to every site. Plus, don’t forget about newer additions like Facebook Jobs, which are more informal yet effective ways to find qualified employees. 

Automation is for Everyone

It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-person show or growing your once small business into something significant. Automation in marketing, sales, and management of small businesses are more affordable and effective than ever before. Make the most of these platforms and software today to ease the operation of your small business. 

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