4 Ways That Your Business Could Benefit From Hiring A Security Guard

You may not have considered hiring a security guard for your business before, but it’s definitely something that you should think about. A lot of business owners assume that they only need a security guard if they are running a retail store or they are holding stock on site, but that’s not true. All office buildings could benefit from a security guard in a lot of different ways, so it’s a worthwhile investment. These are just some of the reasons why your office should have a security guard. 

Preventing Break-Ins 

The most obvious reason to have a security guard is to prevent break-ins. Your office has a lot of expensive equipment like computers, which are a target for thieves. If somebody breaks in and clears the office out, you will not be able to operate the business until you have replaced everything, and the cost of fitting out your office again from scratch is going to be very high. There is also the chance that sensitive data will be stolen from the office. A break-in is incredibly costly to your business, but a security guard acts as a great deterrent against that, and if somebody does try to gain access to the office after hours, they will be able to stop them. The cost of hiring a security guard is far less than the cost of a break-in, so if you live in an area with a lot of crime, you should definitely think about it.

Preventing Employee Theft 

It’s important to remember that theft isn’t just carried out by professional criminals that will break into the office after hours. In fact, internal theft is a huge problem for a lot of businesses and even though you think that it will never happen to you, it probably is. Sometimes, it might be a small theft, like taking office supplies. But you may also have employees that are stealing money from the company or taking expensive equipment to sell on. If this goes unnoticed for a long while, your business is losing a lot of money. But if you have a security guard in place, it’s a great deterrent and people will be far less likely to try to take things from the office. The security guard can also keep an eye on people that are working late and make sure that there is no suspicious behavior. If you have noticed some inconsistencies with your finances, there’s a chance that you have a problem with employee theft and you should consider hiring a guard. 

Data Protection 

People always think about online security when trying to protect their data, but physical protection is just as important. Layered security is a central concept in data security and if your business does not take this approach, you are asking for trouble. But why is layered security important, you may be wondering? Well, you may be investing heavily in online security to protect your data, but what about protecting the servers in your office or the computers? If it’s quick and easy to access data that way, your investment in cyber-security software is not protecting you and you are still vulnerable, so you need a layered approach that will stop data theft at every level. This is particularly important if you have physical servers that hold your data, and you need to limit access. If your employees can come and go freely, it’s a lot easier for internal data leaks to occur. That’s why you should consider having a security guard stationed on the door so you can be sure that nobody is accessing server facilities without permission. A security guard can also keep an eye on the devices that people are taking out of the office with them, so laptops with sensitive data on them are always kept at the office. 

Customer Service 

First and foremost, a security guard is there to protect your business and its assets, but they can carry out other roles at the same time, which makes it even more worthwhile having one on site. They can act as customer service ambassadors in a lot of areas because they are controlling access. When visitors to the building arrive, the security guard will often be their first point of contact and they can greet people and help out with directions etc. They can also escort customers to their car after dark if they feel uneasy, and people will feel safer in general when they visit your office because they know that there is somebody there to secure the area. 

A security guard isn’t just there to stand at the door and prevent theft, they can benefit your business in all sorts of different ways, so you should consider hiring one. 

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