3 Reasons Your Team Is So Disorganized

Nothing stalls productivity quite like disorganization. Even if you want to do something, if you can’t find the right tools and resources, you are going to waste valuable time searching. From the stress caused by never being able to find anything to the resources lost to chaos, disorganization is going to cost you big. 

Most business leaders don’t understand how their business has become so disorganized because most have taken the time to orient their staff in the proper business systems. The problem is that if you are still disorganized with these systems, it’s probably not your staff being lazy or inept – it’s time for a serious rethink. 

So, here are 3 reasons your team is so disorganized. 

You Don’t Have a Unified System

One of the most common office problems is trying to work together when everyone already has their own system. Why is this a problem? Because if one person is using one piece of software to edit a file and someone else wants to use another, there could be clashes that can’t be resolved. 

A single cloud platform for everything is one of the solutions Unified Communications suggests and this is a good starting point. You should also consider having a project management system that allows everyone to know where they are up to and follow on. 

You Don’t Have Time

When you spend half your time searching for things or trying to figure out where you are up to it can feel like you don’t have time to get organized properly. But as logic goes, this is about as flawed as you can get. A simple organization system will save a lot of time and the 2 minutes is might take to put something away properly versus the 20 minutes of frustration is definitely time well spent. 

Being more organized also improves productivity because when you are less stressed, you can think more clearly, be more creative and you are more likely to meet your deadlines with high quality work. Taking just 5 minutes at the end of the day to clear your desk and plan the next day will also really help you stay on top. 

You Don’t Communicate Well

A team of individuals all working on different aspects of the same project can be difficult to manage cohesively. And yet, communication is essential if you want the project to stay on target and on track to finish by the deadline. Good communication is all about clear expression, regular updates and full inclusion. 

If you fail to communicate well with your team, it’s very likely that they won’t know what’s going on so won’t be able to hold their end up well. Group projects rely on people meeting individual deadlines as well as group deadlines but if things change and someone isn’t informed, you’ll have a problem sooner or later! 

The more you can do to improve your organization skills, both as individuals and as a team, the more likely it is that you will finish your projects on time, to a high quality and in a stress-free environment. So, get started! 

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