Getting Your Staff Up To Speed With Your Systems

Hiring new staff is an exciting process. It’s always nice to see fresh faces within your office, full of enthusiasm and the willingness to progress their careers. If hiring staff for the first time, this can serve as a very interesting milestone when crafting your business. However, no matter who you hire or how your hiring process is ran, at some point, you will need to acclimate said employee to your systems, and your means of conducting business.

Even someone with forty years experience in the industry might be at a certain loss for a week or so, as they figure their way around new computer programs or reporting indexes you use to keep track of progress. This is normal. Think of it as learning the layout of a new house, and the grounds surrounding it. In time, it will be natural, but there’s always that slight need for acclimation. You know how to drive a car, but driving a Mini is much different than driving a Range Rover.

So, let’s consider how you can adequately and thoroughly get your staff up to speed. Please, consider:

Develop An Orientation Program

There’s nothing worse for a new hire than to sit down at a desk and being told to get on with it. Even a comprehensive brief might not give them all the context they need to know about a certain job. It’s unlikely that they’ll start at the clean break between two projects, more like they will jump in just after one has started, or when one is about to end. This means that you might need to take them out of rotation for a couple of weeks, and instead give them full orientation. This might go through health and safety (extremely important), creating them a digital training program, helping them meet the team, showing them how various programs work and the expected file types that are standard in your firm, as well as the IT management solutions you use and might need to contact if you encounter any errors. This can give them that breath of fresh air.

Show Them What’s Acceptable

It might sound like you’re having to guide a pure novice around your building, with our following advice. But sometimes, despite how qualified they are, they can still be at a loss. For example, it might be that each morning, you have fresh bagels and coffee out for the entire office. That’s quite a kind thing to do. However, it might be that they feel because they are new, or because they aren’t part of the ‘right’ department, or simply because they haven’t been told they can – they will avoid this, perhaps purchasing their own coffee despite your high-quality offering. You need to tell them what they can use and if they are free to do so, be that using a locker space, where to park, or how many bagels they can tuck into before 9.30am. This helps them avoid their fear of looking rude or presumptive.

Give Them The Tour

Show them the place. Some offices are large – are sprawled over many floors or many buildings. You might even have a large campus. Even if your office is just one big room, it’s important for them to know who is who and where certain departments start and end. Show them around. Show them the facilities. Show them where they might smoke, or where they might eat lunch. A tour is important for getting them up to speed.

With this advice, your employee is sure to feel at home in your firm much faster than they might have.

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