An Easy Guide To Designing Your Business Envelope To Boost Your Direct Mail Campaign

If you are a business owner, you need to use all possible tools at your disposal in order to increase your company’s reach and make your brand more visible. Increasing awareness towards your brand will obviously have a positive impact on your business, however, you need to be smart in choosing which marketing strategies to use. You need to find which ones will have the best return of investment; direct mail marketing is a cheap tool, but one that is amazingly effective when done properly.

These days, most businesses are utilizing digital marketing methods to promote and advertise their business, so using direct mail marketing with old-school envelopes can actually make your business stand out. While most people automatically delete their spam folder without even opening it, there’s something compelling about receiving a unique and attractive piece of mail that will encourage recipients to open it and look at the contents. Thus, you already have the opportunity to market to your customers the moment they retrieve their mail.

If you want to learn how to design your own unique business envelope, here is a short guide that can help you.

Create Unique and Eye-Catching Graphics

            The first step in being able to design a personalized business envelope is to find a reliable and experienced designer who can create custom mailing envelopes online. There are many individual graphic artists as well as companies who can help you design your business envelope. If you are operating on a shoestring budget, there are even websites that offer simple templates so that you can design your own business envelope online, even if you have little graphic design experience.  

Ensure that Your Logo is Front and Center

            One of the most important components that you need to include in designing custom envelopes is your business logo. It will immediately signal to a customer that a particular envelope is related to your brand and even if they don’t immediately open the envelope, you will already have left an impression on your customers. Business envelopes with logos are a cheap and clever way to directly advertise your business to your customers while only spending a fraction of the amount that you would spend with other marketing methods such as television or billboard advertisements.

Size DOES Matter

            There are two reasons why you should consider using envelopes of different sizes. First, most businesses use standard #10 envelopes to send out their direct mail, so simply by using an envelope that is of a different size, you will be able to immediately make your envelope visually different from other businesses. Even the slightest change in size or dimension of your envelope will make it stand out from a stack and automatically draws eyes towards it. It would inspire intrigue and curiosity, and compel people to open your envelope. Second, using envelopes of different sizes allows you to find the perfect envelope to contain your marketing materials.  

Colors Enforce Your Core Brand Message

            Many studies have already touched on the fact that colors can and do influence how a person feels towards a certain brand. Colors can evoke certain emotions that a certain company wants people towards their brand, such as gray which signifies balance and neutrality, blue which signifies strength and stability, or red which signifies energy and urgency. You will want to use colors that are related to the type of business that you have, for example, if you are running a business that sells candy, you want to use bright and lively colors. On the other hand, if you are running a delivery business, yellow is a color that is associated with motion and energy. Haven’t you ever wondered by a lot of delivery businesses such as UPS and DHL have logos that are primarily yellow?

Give Your Customers a Peek

            One clever little feature that you can include in your custom business envelopes is the window. A window is a small section of your envelope that’s covered with clear plastic, allowing the recipient to be able to glance inside and have a better idea of the contents of your envelope. You can also use this envelope to highlight the most important part of your message, such as an upcoming sale with your business, or new products or services that you offer. There are several types of windows to choose from, such as single, double, or custom windows. You can choose the type of window that will best suit your envelope’s size and design. 

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