You Need To Convince B2B Customers Of Your Data Security

Entering into any sort of partnership with another business is always a battle of reassurances. You want to know, the business you’re now dealing with is trustworthy. You want them to be reliable and show you how they are going to honor their obligations. Businesses that want to work together must also take their security practices very seriously. Perhaps this is the most important area of which you will discuss with your new client. Business-to-business (B2B) relationships will ultimately boil down to data security. Everything from product designs, marketing campaigns, customer details and infrastructure capabilities will all be shown in graphs, bar charts, facts and figures. So convincing the other side that you have great security practices that will keep their data safe, will make the other party more likely to share with you. Inevitably, this strengthens relationships and paves the way for long-lasting cooperation.

The basic on-site practices

Data security isn’t just about 1s and 0s on a coding screen, it’s also about the physical on-site practices. It may sound rather basic but businesses that wish to work with you will want to know what the office behavior is like. Do your employees logout and make their machines secure before they go off to the bathroom? Does a manager of each department, project or team make sure everyone has safely logged off when it’s time to go home at the end of the day? Is there security in the building that patrols the offices at night or during the day? Do you have CCTV cameras in and outside of the office? The more physical layers of security there are, the safer the customer will feel.

Away from prying eyes

There’s a hierarchy in the world of business for a reason. Only the top level employees should be privy to any kind of sensitive data another business shares with you. This could be things like new product details. A low level employee should not be able to access data that could spark disaster for the customer, unless they are specifically on a specially selected team authorized to work on it. Therefore there should be a practice which makes sure data is tightly sealed among leading employees and kept away from prying eyes. Business espionage is not as serious as governments spying on each other, but it certainly does happen.

Just in case

In case your business is hacked and your servers have been breached, you should be able to continue working with your customer. By using Cloud-based Backup Solutions, you can instantly recoup any loss of data you have endured. This method is safer than on-site hardware options, because servers have firewalls and data is encrypted. The other benefit is that you don’t run out of size either, so you can upgrade to larger servers and files as and when you need to. The data files are also password protected..

Physical security of customer and B2B client data is just as important as the digital realm. Businesses you work with, should be left in no doubt that you have on-site practices that keep their data close to your chest, if you wish to build a relationship that will last into the distant future.

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