How Can Art Improve Office Morale & Performance

You wouldn’t be an artist unless you wanted to share an experience..’ David Hockney

Attempting to maximize the overall benefits of the most positive office environments ranges from the new coffee machine to relaxation pods with massage chairs and lunch time Yoga! However one of the most effective methods can be investing in art  in the office.

Art creates conversation, moods, inspiration, peace, happiness and thoughtfulness. It brings people together, whether in agreement or disagreement and encourages people to share their thoughts and get to know each other in a much more sympathetic way.

Of course there will always be a market for the standard prints, the IKEA framed images, but to invest in more unique art and artists is much more exciting both for the buyer and of course the lucky staff!  Paintings and furniture can be bought to serve more than just a functional purpose but can of course also be seen as a financial investment for the company. It has been said that ‘ art increases the overall morale of a business unit, improves productivity and promotes gratifying collaboration..’ Research from the British Council also suggested that over 61% of staff felt that office art encouraged them to think more creatively.

There are of course many considerations an office art buyer could consider when investing in the right piece. Obviously size does matter, color, form and subject matter are all again important factors. Some may even consider Feng Shui and how and where the art should be placed, the importance of positive subject matters that inspire and delight creating happiness.  Or of course it could just be a subjective love by the buyer of a particular piece understanding the impact it can have on people, whether this is a portrait of someone in thought or fine art photography exuding talent and technical genius.

The inviting beach scene creates a mood of happiness and inspiration – does this inspire people  to achieve  that deserved luxury holiday? Can this brighten up a dull rainy day and inspire thoughts of happiness?

It is not only subject matter however that can have an impact but of course the technique of artworks can be intriguing and inspiring. A fine art photographer whose techniques involve detailed layering inspired by the old masters and then re-created in a contemporary manner in metal prints is an inspiration for the viewer in not just subject matter but also technique. This leads people to think ‘outside the box’, to be creative, to aspire to the unique.

If hanging paintings in your office can create such a positive impact, what are you waiting for? All budgets can be catered for just be imaginative, be unique, be splendid! And hopefully your staff will be too…….

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