What Is The Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Our culture celebrates entrepreneurs. In fact, some of the wealthiest people in the country are not royalty, but those who come from a line of entrepreneurs, or were self-starters themselves. We like to imagine that with the right tools, the right approach and a little luck, we can make the most of ourselves and make it too. And while this attitude can often be ridiculed, for the most part, it’s right, and we have amazing opportunities here.

But first you need to know the ethos behind your actions. Learning how to best use the entrepreneurial spirit here can be a major benefit. In fact, diving into this topic is an essential part of understanding the role you hope to embody throughout your life. While you can define this progress on your own as you move from success to failure to success again, learning the history of the term and how its best applied in the modern day can be a nourishing prospect.

For that and more, we would recommend considering the following advice. You never know just how useful it could be:

Never Giving Up

No matter what entrepreneur you find, they will have a storied history of failures and successes. Most entrepreneurs like to begin telling their story by how down-and-out they were, and this is because for the most part, it’s true. You cannot really appreciate success unless you’ve somewhat tasted failure, or have been in difficult circumstances. You can be successful of course, but without this vital lesson you might find it a little less textured than you might like or appreciate.

However, even in the bad times, you need to keep your head up. You need to understand what your journey means to you, and how your purpose defines your future choices. If you can orient your goals and know what you have to achieve, and on top of that how flexible you might need to be with said goals, you can have a much better time of things.

On top of that, never giving up is something that even top level executives need to internalize, because it might not seem like it, but they can make mistakes too. In fact, the magnitude of their mistakes are often much heavier than anything a low-level entrepreneur with a dream could imagine. Does that mean that the life of a self-starter is fraught with worry and failure? Of course not. But you need to accept it as part of a fundamental stepping stone on your journey.

There can be a lot of learning in defeat. There can be a lot of freedom in it too, as it can help you think again, redirect yourself, and learn what not to do next time. But one thing is the most important – the ability to keep showing up and never giving up. If you can do that, you do yourself the greatest kindness you can in the corporate world.

Staying On Top Of Trends

You’ll never see an entrepreneur succeed who doesn’t stay up-to-date with societal trends and technological advances. They need those tools to stay competitive. This works even in those areas where a vintage approach is the purpose. For example, consider an entrepreneur who wishes to open his own barbershop. He’s sick of the usual modern design of barbershops up and down the inner-cities, and so decides to do something different. He wants to go back to the old days.

He decides to open a place with old-aesthetics. There are leather armchairs, straight razors, the barbers have beards, waistcoats, and smooth jazz plays. The first thing you do is offer your client a beer before they sit down. This might all seem like an old-timey methodology of doing business, but really, it’s very modern. It’s happening back to a time people feel nostalgic for, and want to experience. It satiates a very modern need. On top of that, the promotion of this business will likely be on social media too. SEO through the use of cmd-space.com will also be employed to get the word out there reliably, and in targeted markets.

None of this could be half as successful without that understanding of modern business progression. So for that reason, the entrepreneurial spirit must always have both eyes in modernity, even if one leg in the past, and even with timeless values to uphold. What are those timeless values? We would suggest:


If no man is an island, no entrepreneur is one. We like to think of the self-starter having to save up money for their first office space, and then starting to design a product by scratch, working on all of the branding, developing a confident sales pitch, and staying reliable for their consumers. We like to think of them suffering long and hard alone, only gaining employees when slightly successful and starting to fully earn their keep.

But of course, this is quite a fabled and idealistic view of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are adept at networking, at getting their ideas out there, at building partnerships and ensuring those valuable connections stay maintained. This is why reputation is so essential, and can be built by offering value, attending trade networks, and learning from the best in their industry. Remember – an entrepreneur is competing with every single self-starter in the global market. That’s a hefty task. And so being able to connect, potentially liaise or take inspiration from networked contacts can be a tremendous benefit, from top to bottom, when it comes to this kind of inquiry.

Having A Goal

Making money is of course a nice by-product of any successful operation. But the best entrepreneurs are problem-solvers, and wish to achieve that through a worthwhile means. Perhaps someone thinks they could provide a stronger and more reliable set of fishing equipment. Perhaps someone thinks a certain product line could be less harmful to the environment. The excellence of an entrepreneur is finding solutions to issues that might not exist yet, or improving on an old formula.

If you can do any of this, congratulations, you certainly have the entrepreneur’s spirit.

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