3 Simple Ways To Restore Employee Motivation

Hiring the right people takes time, effort, and resources – so you’re thrilled when you assemble the ideal team. Your staff start out motivated and excited by the work they do. But somewhere along the line, enthusiasm starts to dwindle. Some show up late to work, while others seem disengaged. Perhaps the team spirit is not what it used to be, and you start to worry that some of your best staff are looking elsewhere. Where did it all go wrong – and how can you turn it around? There are many reasons why employees become disengaged. But luckily, there are plenty of ways to motivate employees and develop a thriving workforce again.

Open door policy

Help employees to feel valued and secure if you want them to be motivated at work. An open door policy is a great way of doing this. It’s all about creating an environment where employees feel comfortable talking to you about things that are a little more private, for example, a bereavement or family illness that requires time off work. Adopting this policy can create a less stressful environment, as the employee feels like their personal well-being is supported at work. It also creates more transparency, so an employee can ask up front for time off when needed, rather than feel like they have to hide it.

Flexible Working

Another way of motivating the team is by allowing flexible working. This style of working will enable employees to balance their work and personal lives a little better, potentially leading to a happier workforce. Providing the option to work remotely one day a week, or to come into the office later, can also mean a more peaceful and productive office environment. Flexible working might be more challenging in a small business environment. However, by adopting unified communications (UC), employees can connect to work using any device, enabling them to collaborate with colleagues from the comfort of their own home. Look into services like IntelligIS, which provide unified communications in the workplace.


All work and no play is highly demotivating. Celebration is an essential part of creating a cohesive company culture that people feel a part of. There are so many opportunities for celebration, whether that be company milestones, birthdays, or cultural events outside of work. Try to set aside some time and budget where you can all spend quality time together as a team, doing something outside of work.

Regular praise is also crucial for morale. But make sure it’s sincere and targeted to ensure it has the intended effect. You can even set up an initiative that encourages staff to nominate each other for awards to promote team spirit. Rewards should be part of a meaningful system that recognizes behavior and performance, according to the company culture, goals, and targets. Think about what rewards and benefits you can offer your staff to help them feel valued. It might not have to cost much, but it could go a long way to boosting positivity at work.

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