How To Be More Effective When Targeting Your Customers

Being effective in your marketing is key when it comes to making the post out of your campaigns or anything you are selling, whether it’s a product or service. As you’re growing the business, you will learn as you go, so in order to effectively target your customers, here are some handy tips to get the most out of your time and money.

Collect More Data On Your Customers

Data is useful for targeting the right customers because the more data you have on them, the more tailored you can be in terms of your content and how you market that content. You can collect data in a number of ways. For your website as an example, analytic software like Google Analytics is perfect for retrieving data on who is looking at your website. By inserting the code into the HTML of your website, you can then monitor the daily activity. The data it provides has pretty much everything you need in order to learn about your audience. From their age group, gender and geographical location to even their hobbies. You can also see what type of engagement each of your pages has, which is great data to have when it comes to creating any future content for your site.


Do Research On Your Competitors

Competition is tough in any industry, but that doesn’t have to be a negative thing. In fact, you can learn a lot about your competitors because they are likely to have customers that you’re trying to target. So research your competitors and what they’re doing in order to market their brand. It’s a very inexpensive way of doing the research yourself on customers, and it might also reveal some areas that your competitors aren’t hitting and that you can take full advantage of. You can also consider collaborating with your competitors in order to mutually benefit one another. This might be useful if you’ve both recently started the business and want to help give each other a leg up in the industry you’re in.


Geo-Target Your Audience

Technology has certainly come a long way in such a short space of time, and it’s having an incredible impact on how businesses use it to reach audiences and to improve the efficiency within the workplace. Geo-targeting is something that you can use to hit your target audience in a specific location. This comes in handy if your business is located in a specific area and so it’s more useful to target those closest to the business, rather than someone who’s going to be hundreds of miles away or in a different country. So there are geofencing text message options that can fine-tune your outreaching.


Use Paid Advertisements On Social Media

Paid advertisements have certainly started to become more popular, even more so than traditional advertising, thanks to the ability of analytic systems that are now also available for all business profiles to access on social media. Another reason why paid advertisements are so popular on social media is that you can tailor the advertisement to target your audience specifically. Traditionally, if you placed an advertisement in a newspaper or magazine, the audience you are reaching may not entirely be made up of just your audience. So with paid advertising online, you can pick your location of the audience, the gender, their hobbies and interests. This is more effective because it’ll be directing your content to specifically to your target customers.

Request Customer Feedback

Customer feedback should always be welcomed. It’s something that can help with knowledge that you may not have recognized about how you run your company and what you sell. There are a number of ways in which you can get this feedback. Surveys are your typical port of call, which you can send out to your mailing list. You can place something on your website, which allows customers to rate products and to give a mini review on each of them. Integrating a live chat system can also come in handy or setting up a customer service email or number to chat to them directly. It’s important that your customers have options when contacting you.


Create Engaging Content

Targeting your customers can also be done through the type of content you produce. Thinking about the style and tone of your voice as a brand, this should be consistent across all your social media platforms and any other scenario where you’re driving information to an audience. So you want to create engaging content, which is high-quality and consistent. If you’ve got a blog on your website, think about creating a content schedule so that your posts are going up at the same time, whether that’s once a week or every day. The same also goes for your social media platforms, you want to create tweets and Facebook posts that have call to actions or polls. These are great for encouraging interaction between you and the customer. The more content that you are pushing out, the more of an influence you will have and part of the positives with doing this is that you’ll reach more people and gain more followers as a result.

Being effective with targeting your customers is something that is learnt over time, but by following some of these tips, you’ll likely see a change in how successful any future campaigns or marketing is. Start building your data up and learn more about your customers. Make it a mission to get as much information on your audience as you can. Don’t see competitors as a threat, see them more as an opportunity to either collaborate with or learn from. Use technology to your advantage with geo-targeting through your website and mobile app if you have one. Paid advertising is certainly worth putting a budget behind and asking for customer feedback should be actively pursued. Finally, continue to make engaging content and learn from the analytics you get, so that you can continue to improve and tailor your marketing to expand your database.

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