Heading To Orlando For Business? Here Are Some Tips!


Traveling for business is something many people have to do at least once a year. If you are going on a business trip to Orlando, Florida, you will want everything to go as smoothly as possible. Use these great tips to make things easier and be more efficient during your next work trip to Orlando, FL.

Keep Essentials Packed

If you travel frequently, you probably know that one of the top tips is to always have essentials on hand. To that end, it’s wise to keep these items packed at all times in the event that an impromptu business trip comes up. This should include things such as extra chargers, toiletries and even packaged snacks that won’t perish. If you suffer from allergies, you should also make sure to keep a small tissue box or a wad of tissues handy as well. Keeping these items packed all the time can help you to stay prepared if you suddenly have a trip on the horizon with very little notice ahead of time.

Invest in Quality Luggage and Accessories

It’s a good idea to spend a little extra money, if possible, on the best checked luggage and accessories. They’re probably the most important part of your gear when you go on business travels. You want to ensure that your belongings will hold up during the rigors of travel, especially if you have to check your bag at the airport. Your accessories are no different and should be durable enough to withstand such stress.

Join Rewards Programs

If you are looking at hotels around the Orlando Convention Center, you’ll ultimately want to decide to stay at one with a great rewards program. Staying at the Hyatt Place Orlando/Convention Center, you can greatly benefit from joining rewards programs ahead of time. The hotel can provide you with a number of perks, including free Wi-Fi. You can also enjoy points with your airline of choice, with your rental car company and credit card. Rewards programs can give you benefits even if you don’t frequently travel. Staying at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel lets you earn Double Hilton Honors Points. These points let you earn free stays and other pluses. Book your stay before August 27th and enjoy 20% off the cost thanks to their new promotion, The Big Break.

Only Use Carry-Ons

Flying can be stressful, especially when you are rushing around the airport and have to check your bags. You can make your business travels easier and overall more efficient by using only carry-ons. These are lighter, more convenient and easier to simply carry onto the plane and store in the overhead bin or under the seat. It can also help you to save a bit of money and a lot of time.

Keep Essential Devices Fully Charged

Before you even step foot on the plane, make sure all of your most essential electronics devices are fully charged. You will be able to do business at the airport and even while on the go if necessary. This includes your laptop, smartphone and tablet. If someone from your office contacts you about anything important that is last minute or you realize you have to make changes to an important document you need for your business trip, you will be able to work anywhere as long as your devices have juice.

Use Apps to Make Travel Easier

When it comes to apps, travel is one of the most frequently downloaded categories. You can use the TripIt app to create your entire itinerary for your business trip to Orlando. If you are an iPhone user, you can use Apple Pay to pay for a number of things during your trip when your wallet isn’t handy. Likewise, you can store other items to Apple Wallet on your iPhone, including your boarding pass and various membership cards. Yelp is great for checking out ratings of restaurants in the local area and OpenTable is a good app for making reservations to those dining establishments.

These are some of the best tips for business travel. Hopefully, a few of them will help you to have an overall more successful venture.

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