10 Ways To Boost The Profile Of Your Small Business

When you’re a small business owner, you do everything that you can to boost the profile of your company. The more people know about it – and the better your reputation is – the more sales you will get, and it will all help towards establishing a business that stays strong throughout the years. However, how do you boost the profile of your company, and ensure that you’ve improved the awareness of your brand?

We’ve noted down 10 simple tips, for those looking to make their mark in their chosen industry.

#1: Be consistent

Forming a good reputation for your business is wholly dependent upon the service that you supply to your customers, and the ways in which your company reacts when a complaint is received. You need to be consistent, and put the customer first at all times. Sure, they will be unreasonable sometimes, and you need to draw the line, but provide the best service that you can and word will spread.


#2: Use Google wisely

If people want to look up your business, then they will invariably use a search engine like Google to do so. Through this, they will see how professional you are, and if there isn’t much to go from, then they are unlikely to choose you as a provider of the services or goods that they are looking for. Use Google My Business to promote yourself to your customers, and think about using Google Ads services, too.


#3: Spread the word

A good businessman or woman invariably has great skills when it comes to communication. If you’re given a 5 minute period to sell your business to somebody, can you do it properly, and convince people that you’re the company that they should go for? If you can’t, then you may need to rethink your ‘elevator pitch’ tactics, so that you can spread the word about your business whenever you have the opportunity to do so.


#4: Use local radio

Local radio is a gem for small businesses, especially if your target audience is those in your area. Firstly, it doesn’t cost a lot to advertise here – even during peak hours – and secondly, a catchy phrase or song can really help your business to get stuck in people’s minds, which is what you’re ultimately going for when you’re trying to boost your profile. If you want to establish yourself in a particular area, opt for local radio.


#5: Put on an event

Putting on a business event is another way to make your mark on your industry, and your local area as a whole. Invite business leaders, see where you can share your skills and services, and seek mentorship where possible, too. You can rent commercial tents if you want to hold your event outside of the office, and whilst it’s not a good idea to put too much cash into this, investing a little could really make a difference.

#6: Try out Facebook A/B testing

Facebook A/B testing is a great way for any small business to find out who their target market is, and to see which particular ads appeal to them. In short, you put out two ads, to two different groups of people, and see whether one fares better than the other. You can change the variable – based upon age, or the design of the ad, for example – and create your perfect Facebook ads campaign to boost the profile of your business.


#7: Send out your products to influencers and business people

Whilst it can be hard to break through into the heights of business, sending out free products to influencers and those in successful businesses is a good idea. Not only does this mean that your brand name is getting out there, but it also means that you’ve got more chance of securing some brand ambassadors, particularly if your products are of high quality. Send out some samples, and assess the results.


#8: Create a memorable logo

Some of the most well-known brands in the world today have logos that we can all recognize, and this is because they are designed well. Put effort into creating the logo for your small business, and ensure that it’s something that can have a lasting effect on your clients (and potential clients). A professional, clever logo can be what defines your business, so if you want to boost your profile, it’s absolutely key.


#9: Collaborate with people

When you own a small business, particularly one that you’ve only just started up, you want to try and forge your own way through your field. Whilst this is understandable, you can boost your profile by collaborating with other businesses, and working alongside them to get your name out there. Of course, don’t work with your competitors, but if you’re offered a platform by another business, then always utilize it.


#10: Get your name out into the community

Whilst it’s great to have an impressive logo, and a business that is already serving the needs of your community, it’s no good if you’re not getting it out there enough. Whether you have company vehicles that show off your brand, or you sponsor a local soccer team so that your business name is adorned onto their shirts, do all that you can to get your name out into the community. Think about your options!

Bonus tip: if you want to boost the profile of your business, then you need to know why you want to do it, and what you’re hoping to achieve. This will help you going forward, so that you can work out which method is going to be ideal for your company!


If you want to boost the profile of your small business, then keep these 10 things in mind. Remember that marking your company out as an integral player in your field is something that you have to do over time, and you won’t see results overnight. However, if you stick to it, and really try to get your brand out there, then you should be seeing the growth of your profile in the near future!

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