A Guide For Seeking External Expert Assistance In Business

When running a business, it’s entirely natural to need assistance from others when problems arise. No business owner is expected to be a true master of every aspect of running a company, and there will inevitably be moments when any entrepreneur has to admit they are – essentially – out of their depth. Whether it’s a legal issue, a difficult aspect of financial management, or a tech glitch, the best thing an entrepreneur can do is acknowledge they require more expert assistance to resolve the issue once and for all.

However, simply identifying that you need help with a particular aspect of your business is just the first step; you now have to find that help – which is often easier said than done.

Why can accessing expert assistance be so troublesome?

If you have received a confusing letter from the IRS or a legal summons, you know that you need help to resolve the matter, because you don’t know enough about the subject to handle it yourself. Unfortunately, this also means that you don’t know enough about the subject to correctly assess the expert options available to you.

Think of it as asking for help solving a jigsaw puzzle, but you don’t know what the finished picture of the puzzle is meant to look like. You could hire someone to help complete the puzzle, but you’ve no way of being sure if they have completed it to display the right picture.

What problems can this cause?

If you hire a tax expert to resolve your confusing letter from the IRS, but that tax expert makes a mistake, then the original issue is not actually fixed – but you may not necessarily be aware that things have not been resolved. It will only be later down the line, when you receive another letter, that you discover the error. The picture may look complete to you, but you then realize the pieces are in entirely the wrong order.

Given that most entrepreneurs seek external assistance for very complex, serious matters – legal, financial, and so on – the impact of issues going unresolved can be very severe indeed.

How can you ensure you find a good expert?

If you need to hire a tax expert, a business law attorney, or any other kind of professional expertise, it is absolutely vital that you do your research. Spend time browsing websites, reading reviews, and fact-checking claims for the person, or company, that you are considering using. You need to be sure that the person or company you choose is legitimate, that their knowledge and expertise is verifiable, and that they can be trusted, to ensure they are capable of remedying the problem you are experiencing.

Secondly, you have to trust your gut. During the above research phase, take note of your instincts: if you think something isn’t right – or seems to be too good to be true – then walk away. There’s absolutely no point overriding yourself if something seems off; you have to be completely confident in the person, or company, that you eventually choose.

In conclusion

Accessing professional, expert assistance to deal with complicated matters in business can be far from simple. You can’t pick a name at random and hope for the best; instead, you have to research thoroughly, listen to your instincts, and only decide to hire a person or firm when you are 100% satisfied they will be able to help resolve the difficulty you are experiencing once and for all.

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