Pointers For A Great Business Trip To Washington DC

A great business trip is more than the sum of its parts, meaning that you should make the most of next work trip to Washington DC. While everyone thinks they have the best travel routine for this area, there are some places within Washington DC that everyone should visit, as well as some rules that seasoned business travelers have set for their own business vacations.

Here are a few of the best tips for traveling to Washington DC from expert business travelers.

  1. Bring People to Dinner

Business travelers say it’s better to eat with people than to eat alone. If you’re traveling with colleagues, you should always try to eat together or with someone from the group. It’s a chance to learn something about the person or just network with others at a conference or with a client.

Some of the best restaurants in Washington DC that are known for a good dining experience include the following:

  • Barmini
  • Joe’s Seafood Prime Steakhouse
  • Lafayette Restaurant
  • The Capital Grille
  • Ambar Capitol Hill
  • Tortino Restaurant
  • Chez Billy Sud
  • Old Ebbitt Grill
  • Grillfish
  • BlackSalt Fish Market & Restaurant
  1. Check Out 1 or 2 Sights in Washington DC

You don’t want to spend all your time in meetings if at all possible. You can take a chance on a 1-hour or 2-hour outing when you have some free time, such as visiting a monument or park. There are so interesting areas to check out.

Here are a few of our favorite places in Washington DC:

  • Visit United States Capitol Building
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Washington Monument
  • Tour the White House
  • Thomas Jefferson Memorial
  • National Gallery of Art
  • Arlington National Cemetery
  • Smithsonian National Zoological Park
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  1. Pick the Right Hotel

Business trips need to be simple and direct, allowing you to focus on the important meetups and networking events, while also just keeping to a set schedule. This means you’ll need to be in a good area of Washington that’s close to your business meetup as well as networking events and conference locations. One of the best places to stay in DC is the Grand Hyatt Washington. Because of the “Hyatt Has It” Program, you can count on your preferred room service options and consistent WiFi. It’s also one of the better locations if you are looking for hotels near metro center station Washington DC. Most travelers who have been to this area know how important it is to be within walking distance or a 5-minute taxi ride. Visit their page to find out more about how they can help make your travels more comfortable.

  1. Pick a Hotel with Meeting Spaces

Hotels like the Grand Hyatt Washington also have a ton of meeting facilities. You can set your size and plan networking events or quick client meetups where it’s easy to present. If you are planning for a conference party or celebration, there are a variety of rooms that you can book at this hotel as well. For example, you may want a small board room style event space where you can set up a presentation, or you may need a banquet hall for a bigger networking event.

  1. Plan a Time Out

If you are expecting to spend a lot of time during the day with clients and other parties, then you should plan to spend some time at the fitness center or treat yourself to room service when you need it. Keeping yourself in tip top shape will help you perform at a high level, right?

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