How To Protect Your PC As A Solopreneur

Working from home as a solopreneur presents many challenges, not least of which is keeping your computer running well. Your area of expertise is probably not in computer science, so it’s difficult to understand and keep up with what’s going on in cyber security. That’s okay, because we’re here to help today with this article about how to protect your PC. Let’s dive right in.

Only Use Brand Name Software

The first thing to do is restrict your use of software only to big brand names that you’ve heard of and know are safe. Access this software directly from the software developer’s website to purchase it and download it. This way, you know its legit software and hasn’t been infected with anything untoward that could harm your PC.

When there’s a new software package that needs installing on your PC, find out more about the company behind it. Are they recommended for that type of software, or did they only release it recently? How long have they been operating? Take a look at their website – is it filled with stock images that don’t look right, or spelling mistakes? Or, does it appear professionally produced?

Check with other industry colleagues about the software. If they’ve never heard of them before, avoid using the software until you’re certain about it.

Be Careful If Buying Refurbished PCs to Save Money

Trying to save money by purchasing a refurbished PC is a good idea for a small business, if you’re careful. Some PC sellers like Dell will check the systems for infections and other issues, however, their refurbished PCs often still run older versions of Windows. Usually, these older Windows versions are no longer being updated for security patches by Microsoft and represent a potential security risk in the future.

If you’re going to acquire previously used PCs to get a cost saving, budget in time to security test the computer, wipe the hard drive, and then install a clean, updated version of Windows. What you don’t want to do is continue running on the version that’s already installed because you just don’t know how it’s been used or what’s been installed previously. Too many unknowns!

Infected or Hacked? Get Digital Forensic Assistance

If you discover or suspect that your business PC has been infected or hacked, you probably lack the knowledge or computer forensics tools to determine that for sure. It’s important to confirm what your risk exposure is, otherwise you could have a brand reputation problem on your hands. You also have a duty to report any data breach to customers and failure to do so is a costly mistake.

When it comes to computer forensics tools, you need smart people who have access to the best software to get the right answer quickly. It’s no good learning that yes, your computer’s system was compromised if the information comes after a delay of six months. Get on top of the problem quickly by reaching out for assistance right away. Then you’ll know the extent of the damage sooner.

Working as a solopreneur isn’t easy. Keeping your computer safe from bad actors means you can focus on running your business and not getting distracted by a serious digital security problem that could derail future plans.

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