Why Nobody Cares About Printing But They Should

Although printing is used in all the industries and sectors on the market, it is somehow underestimated. And if you didn’t think to use this marketing tool until now, maybe it is time to consider the fact that printing can bring a big plus to your business. Print booklets, brochures or catalogs and you will be able to notice the difference in short time. Go further and print your logo on memory sticks, mugs or pens and the results will get even better.

It is vital for entrepreneurs to understand the importance and the impact of printing in terms of improving their company’s image, but why do they fail to do so sometimes and what do they need to know in order for them to care more about printing?

Does anyone read it?

This is the question everyone is asking, and the answer can be yes or no, depending on how good the material is. Actually, whoever did bad quality printing and didn’t succeed, believes printing is not bringing anything extra to a business. If you know how to do it and you do it right – starting with the content, structure, and graphics, and ending with details like the quality of paper and cut – you will not fail, and you will truly see the bright side of printing: people will read the materials and they will be interested!

If you’re not convinced yet that caring about printing should be part of your marketing strategy, check the info below and see how many good things printing can bring to your business!

Printing can help your marketing campaign

Printed informative materials can help you build or improve your company’s image, being an important part of a thorough marketing strategy. Offering brochures, booklets and catalogs to your current or potential customers is not only the first step for promoting your business, but also a way to help them remember the products or services you are offering, eventually being more likely to buy from you or to partner with you for a business.

Printing is cost-effective

Using printing as marketing tool is cost effective, compared to the use of other types of publicity. This fact is backed by studies showing that investing in such materials to advertise your products or services brings long term benefits. Plus, printing is cheaper than advertising on radios and television. So, if you’re on a budget or you’re just looking for an accessible marketing tool that can bring you more customers or partners, printing is the right answer for you.

Printing has a bigger impact

Believe it or not, the fact that promotional informative materials end up directly in the hands of your customers or partners creates an immediate impact. You should really consider this, especially because no one has enough patience to watch a full TV commercial anymore or to pay attention to radio commercials. Most of the people also ignore street advertising, like billboards. Moreover, people don’t buy magazines or newspapers like they used to. And if you are thinking about online marketing, think again, because more and more people are using tools that block pop-up advertising, banners and annoying e-mails.

Printing can boost your organic reach

Will you participate in a trade show or exhibition and you want to use this opportunity to attract more people on your website or social media? Well, printing can help you achieve this. You can use your brochures, flyers and booklets as a tool for promoting your online platforms. Just add a coupon code, a QR code or a call to action on the printed materials and the success is guaranteed.

Printing can help you communicate better

Are you organizing an event soon? Maybe a team-building, a workshop or a training session for your employees. An important part of such an event is communication and the means used to make your message clearly understood. Printing brochures and other types of supportive materials is a must in this case. Why? Because communication will be thorough, complex and effective, no information will be lost and it’s also a great way to engage people in different activities.


These are just 5 reasons why everyone should care about printing, but if you will think about this matter from your own point of view and according to your specific needs, you will surely find many more! So, stop wondering if people will read your booklet or brochure or not. It is a better idea to use your time in a more productive direction: do your research, find out what makes a good printed material and start working on it. Use it as part of your marketing mix and you will not regret! After all, printing is one of the oldest types of advertising and will never lose its charm, if done properly.

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