Don’t Make These Hiring Mistakes In Your Business

The hiring process is a tricky one. Get it wrong, and you might well end up with employees who are not right for your business. They will become a burden to both you and your business, and you may then be stuck with them for some time to come. To ensure you don’t make any mistakes then, consider the hiring blunders we have highlighted here. You might have to suffer the consequences of unwise decisions, otherwise.

Mistake #1: Winging it!

It doesn’t matter if you need new employees quickly or not, you still need to do all that is necessary to prepare for the position. You should commit to research on how to find and attract the best employees, using this recruitment blog for some useful advice. You need to talk to your HR adviser if you have one and work on putting together a well-thought-out job description to match your position to the right applicant. And you need to work on interview questions that will help you find the right person for the job. If you rush through any of these processes, you might then attract the wrong applicants, and suffer the consequences of wasted time and money when trying to hire.

Mistake #2: Hiring too early

Do you need to start the hiring process at all? There has to be a good reason to, so think carefully before you advertise any positions. For starters, is there enough work for an extra employee to do? Hiring is a natural part of growing a business, but if you are still at an early  startup stage, you need to think carefully. Outsourcing may be the best answer. And when you do decide to employ somebody, consider hiring them on a part-time basis if you know there isn’t enough work for a full-time position.

Mistake #3: Hiring somebody who resembles you

What’s the point of hiring somebody who is like you? You need somebody on your team who has different skills, unique perspectives, and perhaps of a different age, gender, and academic background to shake things up a little within your business. Think outside of the box when hiring somebody; looking for those people who have the right skills, but who may not possess all of the qualities that you hold yourself. It’s all about diversity, so don’t be afraid to add somebody ‘different’ onto your team.

Mistake #4: Hiring somebody because you like them

We aren’t saying don’t hire somebody because you like them, but ensure its for the right reasons. If somebody comes to interview, tells funny jokes, makes you laugh, and flatters your ego, don’t recruit them if they are otherwise unsuitable for the job. In short, don’t recruit them because you have taken a liking to them. You need to hire those people onto your team who are suitable for the job at hand, and if they are likable too, then that is a bonus! Of course, we aren’t telling you to recruit somebody who is good for the job but has a toxic personality, either. There is a balance, but job skills must always be the priority reason for employing somebody.

Mistake #5: Settling for second best

The hiring process takes time, and you may find yourself with a shortage of candidates. You might then be tempted to hire somebody who isn’t quite right for the job because you don’t want to waste any more time and money. This is understandable, and if you’re lucky, you might well have the opportunity to shape the new employee into a better fit for your business. However, you might also hire yourself into a corner. The employee might be a disastrous choice, for any number of reasons. Therefore, don’t rush the process. Outsource certain roles until you get the person you need, narrow down the process so you have a better chance of finding the best candidate at an early stage, and consider using low-cost methods of recruitment when money is tight.

Mistake #6: Ruling somebody out because of first impressions

The interview process can be stressful, especially for candidates. Sitting in front of you, they may appear nervous, forget certain things, and stumble with their words. Your first impressions of them may not be wonderful, but try and see beyond how they initially appear. Provided they still have the skills you’re looking for and provided they come across as reasonably competent, don’t let their interview jitters put you off from selecting them. At the outset, do all you can to relax them, and then offer them a second interview if you are in any doubt.

Good luck in your recruitment search, and thanks for reading!

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