5 Moving Tips For Your Business Relocation

Like other business undertakings, moving is always complicated. Due to some high risks involved, relocating a company can be particularly tricky. While a business relocation can have lots of benefits, it can also become a problem if you don’t handle the process correctly. If you want to keep your business successful, follow these five moving tips below.

  1. Get to know the new location.

Before moving, it’s imperative to assess your new location. Many factors should be taken into consideration to make sure you retain current customers and attract new ones. These factors include the economic base, population data, competitors, business growth and market trends in the area, and the distance from customers. If you see constructions or openings of good schools, businesses, properties, and transportation facilities, it can be a good indication that your prospective location can be an ideal business climate. Moreover, if you’re into the business of dealing with client relations, be sure your new area can continue those connections.

  1. Donate office items and equipment you no longer need.

Now is the right time to get rid of old copiers, printers, personal computers, and office furniture pieces that you don’t use anymore. Besides, you can save on your moving costs if you don’t bother to move items that you no longer need. Spend time to walk around your current office and check which items can be junked, recycled, or donated. With all the unused and unnecessary things, the best thing to do is to recycle and give them to a registered charity nearby. That way, you’ll not only keep extra money in your wallet, but you’ll also get a tax break for the donation.

  1. Start packing early if you’re moving.

If you decide to move your business by yourself, you should start boxing up items as early as possible. Be sure you don’t underestimate the time you require to pack all your things and get ready for the moving day. With the help of your employees, you can ask them to pack their own desks. Create an inventory of all office items to ensure you don’t forget anything throughout the process. If you’re looking to save on packing expenses, buy used boxes and other packing supplies.

Additionally, be sure you mark your boxes side by side so you can easily locate things more quickly when you have to unpack something. If you have several boxes to move, it’ll help if you do a numbering system to avoid the possibility of losing some stuff while in transit. Numbering your boxes with a precise description of what’s inside can help you make a claim against a moving company the moment they lose anything during the relocation.

  1. Hire the services of a moving company.

If you think you can’t do a business relocation on your own, seek professional help from movers for business move. When hiring, be sure you contact at least one to two months in advance. Don’t forget to request for at least three price quotes and look for proof of insurance. That way, you can compare the estimates, and you can rest knowing all your office stuff are adequately safeguarded. If possible, do an initial screening and get to know them through their experience, skills, licenses, and other vital certifications. If the mover offers their packing services, always keep in mind that they pack everything including your trash. That’s why it’s best if you take care of all perishable items yourself so you’ll not end up with rotting food in the garbage.

  1. Inform your customers before and after the relocation.

One of the essential things to consider when moving a business is to notify your customers about the upcoming venture. As a business owner, it’s best to use all your resources in informing them regarding the move. You can use an email newsletter or a postcard to make them aware that you’re changing your location. If you’re active in social media, get the most out of it to keep your customers informed and up-to-date before and after the move. Updating all your networking listings with your new office address can also be an effective way of getting them notified. You can also use radio, print advertising, send flyers, and post about your move on your blog as a means of informing them about the endeavor. If you’re operating a website, it’s paramount to change your address and phone number on your email signature as well as your official web page.


Planning your business relocation ahead of time is the best way to make sure it’ll go smoothly. If you’re relocating to New York City, professionals like Movers NYC along with the moving tips mentioned in this article can be a big help. So, keep this information in mind, and we hope all the best for your upcoming move.

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