The Biggest Challenges Small Businesses Face

Any research (of substance) that every prospective business owner will do will reveal one fact i.e. most startups fail. Stats say that at least 5 out of 10 small businesses fail in their first year while a further three will fail before they reach the fifth year. What this then means is that only a small number of startups manage to keep afloat and grow over a long period of time.

To help prospective small businesses avoid the danger of failing, we have drafted the biggest challenges which face most small businesses. Armed with this information, it’s our hope that prospective business owners will craft plans to avoid facing these challenges and if they face them, to know how to deal with them effectively and efficiently. has ranked all online casinos that have succeeded after avoiding the following challenges.

Money Management

Managing one’s budget is not really a big deal but when it comes to a business, it’s a whole new ball game. When it comes to a business, it’s important that the business owner has some knowledge in managing company books. Without the requisite financial knowledge, a business is likely to fail. The best way of managing this challenge is for the business owner to hire a professional who knows what is needed to keep company books balanced.

 Client Dependence

When you are in business, it means that you are selling a product or a service to a client. Most small businesses only start with a few clients (or maybe just a single client). While this is generally the default setting at the start of any business, it’s important for the business owner to seek new clients as relying on a single or few clients may lead to a disaster at any time. The biggest problem of having a single client or a few clients is that when the client/s walk away, business comes to a halt. Apart from seeking new clients, a business owner may diversify the operations of the company such that when a crisis hits business A, business B will help keep afloat business a and vice versa.

Founder Dependence

Most business owners tend to assume many roles in the company as a way of cutting costs. While this is good financially, it is bad on the operations side. This is so because if a misfortune befalls the founder, the business will automatically come to a halt. To avoid such a problem, it’s important that a founder creates a team (even of just a few staff members if there is a small budget) that he works closely with, a team that knows the ins and outs in the operations of the company such that when a misfortune befalls the owner, other staff members can continue running the business. In the same vein, it means that the business owner has to introduce some of the staff to suppliers and other stockholders of the company so as to avoid problems when he is out of the equation.

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