Six Things To Consider When Starting A Business Abroad

There are a lot of steps that need to be taken before starting a business online, from transferring money to doing intense research, and although the task may seem interesting and thrilling, with high potential returns, there are still a few steps that need to be considered before you pack your bags and begin your business venture.

Following are some of the things to consider when starting a business abroad.

1-   Choose your destination

Proper intense research needs to be done on the destination you have chosen to shift your business to, or the location you have chosen your business to start. You need to know the climate condition of the country, the political situation, among other things. Certain embassies, such as the US embassies offices around the globe, each have different resources around the globe to assist entrepreneurs in small businesses.

2-   Market Research

You would have to spend significant time following the trends of the locals where you want to begin your business. From following the sales to following the local habits, you have to observe or review the trends that follow. It would be wise initially to set up a mock business as a trial period, so you can better judge the potential success of your business that is possible. You also have to look into the minimum wage criteria of your selected country, as it would add cost to the capital that you have calculated.

3-   Try to Find Alternative payment methods to avoid high fees

When shifting or opening a new business abroad, certain hidden costs accumulate to be a lot. This may include foreign transaction fees, exchange rate fluctuations, and many other costs associated with it. However, one could easily try to avoid paying such high fees.

One could open a multi-current account, which could easily be opened online. There is no setup cost for opening such accounts or any monthly fees, and the accounts save up to 8 times compared to bank transfers, holding cash amount in 40 currencies and allowing instant exchange within the account. Similarly, try to find other loopholes through the system, to avoid paying high foreign currency fees.

4-   Go Virtual, Create a website or App

A website is any business portal to success. The reason being that it does not have a startup cost for a business, It creates awareness for the type of business being run, people are more attracted towards a website, and it creates a potential market and clientele for your business. A website also allows a business scale model to grow at an exponential rate, and business becomes more capable of responding to certain business activities.

However, the virtual world is just not limited to the website. One has to make sure that the website is not only compatible with mobile devices, but a certain app could also be developed to promote your business and accommodate the clients. This all depends on the nature of your business.

5-   Learn the Local Language

One needs to overcome the language barrier to ensure that their business is a success. Being able to converse with the locals easily would ensure greater ease in opening a business abroad. You could learn the countries language, hire a translator, or hire a bilingual person that would assist in the business framework and handling.

6-   Build new connections and network

Your old network might not be of much assistance in this new business venture, except for the experience you accumulated in your old practice. Hence, it is necessary to mingle with the locals, dealers, and try to make a connection beforehand if possible, which would come in handy during the business.

Although a new business in a new country could be scary, following the aforementioned steps would hopefully make it easy and ensure a successful business without much trouble!

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  1. I already own several online businesses that work well, but I’m always ready to start a new business.
    In my opinion, an online business can do more if it is about a trendy subject such as green energy and environmental protection.
    I consider myself a green person, so teaching others how to respect nature and reduce their carbon footprint is the main goal for me this year.

    1. Hi Dan, that’s great! A lot of businesses are going online these days – either from a physical space to online, or starting online from the get-go. Keep up the great work!

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