Beauty Salon Insurance: A Guide To Keeping Protected

Your beauty salon is your baby. From the moment you open its doors to the general public, you know it’s going to be a fussy and have its problems, but you still love it and want to protect it as it grows. For this reason, you need to make sure that you have beauty insurance to ensure that any potential problems are instantly covered. Here are some tips on how your beauty salon insurance can fully protect your business.

Why do I need insurance?

Although the majority of business insurances are not required by UK Law to be purchased, when you finally hire someone for your business, it is a legal requirement for your beauty salon to have employability insurance. This insurance protects you if an employee decides to make a compensation claim against you and your business. If you fail to get this insurance then you can be paying up to £2,500 per day in government fines.

So instead of taking this risk, be sure to research into what Beauty Salon Insurance you will need and what will provide you with the best cover for protecting your business. Even if you are not legally required to get it, if you are sued by an angry client or suffer a break in, then the funds you will need to compensate for this will be dire. To prevent future stress, purchase beauty salon insurance or public liability insurance for peace of mind.

Property Protection

No matter what sort of salon you have, small, large, quirky or classy, your clients will make an initial impression of your business from the second they walk in the door. The last thing you want your clients to think is that the salon is unsafe because of broken windows, a messy floor space or perhaps even just a damaged interior. This is why it is essential that your beauty salon insurance includes property insurance. Whilst this does not only protect you financially from any damages committed to your building, it also protects any tools or equipment that keep your business in motion.


When it comes to any business, if you do not thoroughly think through your business plan, then you may come face to face with some hidden costs. This is why you should consider adding some extensions to your salon insurance, or at least talk the possibility over with your chosen insurance company to ensure that you are fully covered. These can include Financial Loss Extensions, which can protect your company from any financial losses if an accident takes place in your salon, or Treatment Risk Extensions, which covers you for any compensation required due to mistakes made within your professional activities.

Public Liability Insurance does not cover any financial losses that may be made due to the compensation owed. However, an Extension can reduce this risk and can ensure that you will always have the money needed if a lawsuit is thrown at your salon.

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