8 Envelope Personalization Ideas To Suit The Occasion

Planning an event for an occasion? There are many elements you need to get right for your event to be a success. But no matter how well you plan the event you cannot have a successful one if people do not turn up. You need to arrange for invites and customized envelopes for invitations. The invites you send might be very impressive but if you stuff them into a blank white envelopes it will lose its appeal. Hence you need to design, and order envelopes that highlight the occasion. Here are some occasions and how you can customize your invitation envelopes to suit the occasion.


Birthday cards for children can be highly colorful. The customized envelopes for invitations need to match the color and theme of the party. For example, if you are having a superhero themed party, then your card and the envelopes should have superhero related prints. For adults muted colors, and elegant prints make beautiful birthday invites. Match your elegant invite with a pastel-colored envelopes.


You might choose from a variety of wedding card templates for your perfect wedding card. Some couples choose to have handwritten personal invites if the wedding party is a small one. Single color pastel envelopes are best suited for wedding invites. If you want to have printed envelopes then you need to choose the font and color of the print keeping the design of the card in mind.


Halloween parties are fun to plan and attend. You can find many Halloween themed cards to invite people to your Halloween party. You can choose a red envelopes and seal it with a black wax seal to make it look old and spooky. You can also get an envelopes printing business to print you carved pumpkin envelopes.

Baby Showers

Baby shower invites need to be cute, simple and elegant. The customized envelopes for invitations can have images of storks and babies on them. Both pink and blue can be there as colors on the envelopes if the gender of the baby has not been revealed.


Whether you are inviting people to your Christmas party or simply sending your Christmas card to people, you need to have customized envelopes to put them in. Christmas themed envelopes are easy to find. You do not have to settle for blank white envelopes when you can use envelopes with Christmas decorations on them.

New Year

New Year parties are highly anticipated parties. You need to send out classy yet sparkly invites for your New Year party in anticipation of the new shiny year. Customized envelopes for invitations to your New Year party should have shiny prints beaconing people to come to join the celebrations.


When organizing a memorial service for a departed friend or family member you would want all their close acquaintances to come and pay their respects. You can find many templates for a memorial and funeral invitations. The envelope can have a picture of the person printed onto them with the words “In Loving Memory Of” printed in an elegant font.


Office parties, anniversary parties, family reunions, and other miscellaneous parties might also require personal invites. If you have a theme for the party, then the customized envelopes for invitations need to match the theme of the party. If there is no theme then match the envelopes with the card design.

Do not send out invites in blank envelopes. Look for envelopes printing services that can give you the best printed envelopes for the occasion.

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