3 Different Types Of Nursing Career

Getting a job in the medical industry is a great way to find a well-paid career that is also very fulfilling. Training as a doctor is one way to do it but that takes a long time and if you’re looking to change career in later life or you don’t have the money to go to college for that long, you need to look at other options. There are plenty of other ways to get into the medical industry without training as a doctor, one of the most popular is nursing. Most people have been treated by a nurse at some point in their lives and they know that they have all sorts of different responsibilities. But a lot of people don’t realize that there are lots of different types of nurses that work in different areas of the hospital. If you think that nursing might be for you, you need to decide which area you want to work in so you can get the relevant training. These are the different types of nursing career that are available to you.

Intensive Care Nurse

Intensive care is reserved for the patients that are in serious danger and the nurses that work in the intensive care units have a tough job on their hands. It’s their job to offer round the clock care to patients and monitor their condition at all times. That means you’ll probably have to work a lot of night shifts and things. It’s one of the most stressful nursing positions there is so you should consider carefully whether you’re prepared for it. Usually, you’ll have to train as a nurse and get some experience working on a standard ward for a few years before you can graduate to an intensive care unit.

Surgical Nurse

Being a surgical nurse is perhaps the only position that is even more stressful than working on the intensive care unit. It will be your job to assist the surgeon when they’re carrying out operations and prepare the patients beforehand. It’s a very high pressure job and you’ll have to make split second decisions and any mistakes could put patients lives in danger. Before you look into how to become a surgical nurse, you’ll need to get qualified as a regular nurse. Then you can get a bachelor’s degree and some experience before you start applying for positions as a surgical nurse.

Clinical Study Observer

Before medications can be used on patients, they need to be tested. After the initial trials, they’ll be tested on human volunteers for the first time. There are always risks involved and even medical professionals cannot be sure whether there will be any dangerous side effects. That’s why nurses need to be present to monitor everybody and treat them if necessary. You need a different set of skills to work as a clinical study observer so you’ll get paid a higher salary. Most people have experience in general nursing beforehand.

A career in nursing isn’t just about the general patient care that you picture when you think of nursing. There are all sorts of different jobs you could get once you’ve trained as a nurse.

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