From Idea To Invoice Essential Tips And Tactics

We live in a modern era. It is an era which is marked by some phenomenal progress. This progress is supported by a constant called as a change. Change is everywhere around us. We as a human race are constantly going through it. Disruption in every sector by newer technologies is not a big affair these days. Startups are at the helm of this change. Startups are beneficial to the economy. Nowadays due to governmental policies and rise in the number of investment firms the startup culture has been fueled. We can witness the growth of startups in many different corners of the world. It has become essential to help startups grow, so here are some basic tips and tactics to take your idea to invoice.


Ideating is a thing which is one of the first initial steps. Find out the pressure points of the target customer. Try to think ahead in the future. Some simple questions like ‘What will the future look like with the specific problem you are facing?’ Try to find out a way which is 10 times better than the existing way. This is something which will catch the eye of potential investors in the future. Don’t get lost in the idea roulette. Idea roulette is where you are justly celebrated for having an idea. People do fall for this. They get lost in the idea roulette.

Work Mode

Now you have decided on an idea it’s time to get to work. There is one thing that will always stop you. This thing stops most of us. It is known as procrastination. If you ever find yourself just wasting around time. Do a favor. Stop. Go to the internet and read quotes on procrastination. Read and read until you are well versed with what great people have said about it. You will be afraid at first to start. Take this fear and build something from it. The best I would suggest you to do is to start creating a business plan. This will give you a better idea of what the product or service will be. Best you can do is figure out the first step. So what will be the first step? Building a product or service.


The full form of MVP is Minimum Viable Product. Your idea is right now on a piece of paper. Spend some more time on paper. Go into the nitty-gritty on the paper itself. Once it is clear on the paper, you can then go ahead and do collaboration or hire someone who is ready to build on your idea. This will be the first flight you will be taking in the storm or clam, whatever it will be. Building an MVP will give you a clear idea of the product you will be building. MVP will also help you to gather feedback from the customers. The feedback you receive will be worth more than gold to you. Capitalize on this feedback to better understand the market needs and demands as well as corrections in your product or service.


It is an important milestone in your startup journey. Here in this step, you have to figure out the most crucial roles people will play in your organization. You have to get a partner (if you want to). Let’s talk a bit more about the partner. Your partner is going to be like your life partner. Choose him wisely. Start by looking at things like, does he share the vision with you. Is he able to complement or fill the voids you will be leaving while fulfilling your roles in the startups? While hiring people keep a few things in mind. You don’t have to hire people who are really experts or an amateur candidate for an amateur position, etc. In the start just hire people who know the market, understand the consumers and are ready to work to build a successful product or service and in return build a successful company.


Incorporating a company is one of the most crucial steps in this process. It builds a structure around your idea by giving it a proper legal formation.   You have to incorporate your company as there are many practical benefits in incorporating a company. You can incorporate it as anything which is suitable according to your requirements. Get your GST Registration, Sales tax registration, etc. This is where things have really taken off. Figuring it out and properly responding to this step can help you to manage investors, partners, shareholders, etc better.

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