Simple Ways To Keep Your Employees Happy

Why is it so important to have happy staff? Well, if you think about it, it stands to reason that if the people working for you are happy, they will be more invested in doing a good job. They will try harder, work longer hours, be willing to sacrifice more for the good of the business, e.g., working late when a deadline is looming, and the atmosphere in the workplace will be far more pleasant for everyone. There is plenty of academic research backing up this claim, so if you’re not familiar with the concept, check out what the experts say. Having said that keeping your staff happy should be a priority, what are the best ways to achieve this aim?


You might be thinking that money is the answer to keeping people happy, but that is very far from the whole story. While being paid a fair rate for the work they are doing is important, far more influential is the fulfillment they feel and the recognition they get for their work. Therefore, paying the highest salaries won’t necessarily guarantee staff happiness. Recognition of the effort and quality of someone’s work is a straightforward and for the most part free form of reward that most people value greatly. Therefore, your first simple way of keeping your employees happy is to let them know you appreciate what they are doing.

Perks and benefits

Money alone might not be the primary consideration for keeping your staff happy, but there are ways you can add monetary value to your job offer using benefits such as pension contributions and health insurance, or perks like gym memberships, vouchers, season tickets, maybe spa days or extended vacation time. Anything that is an advantage to your employees or saves them money can be seen as a perk.

A great way to provide these perks without it costing you too dearly is to exchange with other local businesses – for example, you get a year’s gym membership in exchange for providing a comparable product or service that your business specializes in. If you’re worried that this might prove complicated when it comes to completing your payroll, make use of an online service like a paystub generator that can prepare your documents using the information you supply.


The people who work for you have lives beyond the walls of your business, and while you are entitled to expect they will be focused on their work rather than their home lives during office hours, it is a good idea to show concern and be approachable when it comes to their personal welfare. Being prepared to agree to requests for flexible working arrangements and other ways of working that will enable them to manage their lives more efficiently will be very much appreciated by your staff.

There are plenty of ways to keep your staff happy in their jobs, and you should be using whichever methods are most relevant for your business. When you are considering staff happiness, don’t forget how important it is that you are the kind of boss who engenders respect and appreciation in their workers, as this is one of the key ways that you can influence how your staff feel.

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