How To Maintain A Balance Between Good And Bad Boss

Have you ever found yourself in an awkward situation where you were expected to be `good’ and `bad’ at the same time? Providers of professional writing services have highlighted that this is usually the position of some bosses who have friends for colleagues or subordinates. This is always a very tricky situation when one is required to keep friends without sabotaging their career. If you are in a similar position then it will take some prudence for you to strike the good balance. As the boss, there are certain expectations and demands that you must meet. Both your seniors and juniors know what you ought to be and how you ought to conduct yourself so the pressure is real. However, it is possible to be both a buddy and a boss if only you set your boundaries clearly and stick to the rules. Below are useful tips on how to keep your balance on the tightrope between professional and personal:

Set clear boundaries

Rationally relating with your close friends in a work environment can prove to be one of the hardest things to do. This is because sometimes friends ignore rules just for friendship sake. If you are the boss in this case, then it becomes very hard to put your foot down on some issues. However, for you to survive and also thrive in your job you must draw a clear line of demarcation between work and personal or social relationships. Let your subordinates know what will not be tolerated. At the same time, leave room for negotiations and create an environment that is devoid of tension.

Don’t Make your Employees Best Friends

This doesn’t mean you hate on anyone. However, it is one of the best policies not to make your employees the very best of friends. If you find challenges dealing with some of your already close friends, see how to not manage them directly. You can choose to develop an app to help you do give instructions openly on a platform that tells everyone that there is no favoritism. If your friends are really good, they should be able to understand the dilemma that could have arisen from such a situation. All the same, it is important for them to understand that there are no penalties for them being your friend although it will not be used as a means of getting promotion favors.

Emotional Intelligence is Key

The workplace has a lot of dynamics, tension, and emotions running through the different team members. As a boss, you are not an exception but it is important to demonstrate leadership in the way you manage your emotions. Don’t drag these emotions into making managerial decisions. When things seem to weigh too much on you, you can engage an unbiased party to help in making the final decision. To stay calm and effective in all your undertakings, admit when you feel compromised emotionally and seek help from someone when making important decisions.

Interact with the Team Professionally

Your social life has a lot of impact on how you perform and lead others. Make your interactions professional. Other people should not see specific familiarity that they don’t like. When out with friends doing non-work activities, keep off work discussions. Always endeavor to separate these two things. It is not wise and prudent to talk to an employee friend about the stress you may be going through or any issues to do with the company.

Keep Off Crazy Celebrations and Parties

Don’t engage in crazy partying. Again, don’t post fun activities with friends on social media particularly where your team can see them. Doing so is unprofessional and may send a message that they don’t have access to the same fun as you.

Final Thoughts

There is a thin line between a good and bad boss. Therefore, one should make an effort of creating a balance to promote understanding and professionalism as a boss. It is not wrong to stay close to employees but the boundaries should be well-defined.

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