Ping, There’s Another Sale: How You Can Make A Success Of Your Online Business

I don’t think many of us can survive a day without needing the internet in some way shape or from. Of course, if we are forced to we could, but out of choice the internet, our phones and smartphone apps can make life much easier, wouldn’t you agree? If you have a question you need the answer for, Google can help. If you want your food delivered to your door, there’s an app for that. You want a new item of clothing for a change in the weather, a look on a website and a few clicks later and it could be with you the next day. It is amazing that at outer fingertips we have a wealth of information and ways to make life easier. Which is why I think so many more people are starting online businesses.

Getting an idea for a business can completely blindside you. On the one hand, you have the necessary ideas and passion to make it happen, but perhaps not the investment to have a physical shop or storefront. Which is why so many budding entrepreneurs these days choose to setup an online businesses. A website being their online store front and shop, social media a way to engage and talk to customers in real time and with low set up costs and the option of working from home to keep those overheads down, it is a real viable option. But if you think it is a good idea, so do a many hundred more, which is why you need to be clever with the way you do it and ensure you take advantage of all the tools on hand to make your online business thrive. I wanted to share with you some of the ways you can make a success of yours.

Getting social is the key

Being social is one of the best ways to ensure that you can keep your online business thriving. Think to your own habits for a moment. You may be checking your own personal social media several times a day. Looking at holiday pictures in an album on Facebook shared by a friend, keeping up with the latest news tweets on Twitter, and feeling inspired on platforms like Instagram. You may spend a good chunk of your downtime looking on social media, which means others will follow suit. So being present online is a great way to move your business forward and make a big deal out of who you are and what your business is about. However, you also need to be clever with how you post. You need to ensure that you post any the right times of day to have the maximum reach of people. Encourage people to share your content and engage with your posts. You need to respond to questions, direct messages and comments to appear authentic, and you need to grow your audience levels organically. It sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? But with careful planning and schedules in place you can really use social media to your advantage, and thankfully there are a lot of articles out there to help you do it.

Having the right website for the job

The next thing you need to think about I’d your website. This is your online shop front and so it needs to appeal to customers. When it comes to your website your branding is very important, and so you may want to think about how that looks online instead of focusing specifically on what it looks like physically. Your website needs to be easy to use, be full of the right content and load quickly. With so many websites to choose from online, if your website is slow for any reason people may get bored of waiting and move on to another website. As we live in the modern world, not everyone will be sat in front of a desktop computer, and many choose to use their phones and tablets for ease. So ensuring your website is mobile friendly is a great way to really appeal to the masses that are going to be using your website daily. This is one of the biggest factors of your business, so get it right first time. If you are unsure on what to do, make sure you enlist the help of a digital agency to help you create the right look.

A business blog may help

A blog is a great thing to run alongside your business. It can be the ideal way to really directly talk to your potential customers and with eye caching content, it can really draw them into your business and brand. It can also help you when it comes to search engine optimization which we discuss later in the content you create. Keywords and catchy titles can help attract potential customers to your business and it is another way of using the content you reproduce as a sales pitch without it looking to spammy or over the top. If you want to use a business blog you could have it as a separate website or as an additional page on your main website. The choice is yours. Starting a blog is easy as there are so many helpful guides online to help you get started on your journey.

Making the most of the content you create

The content you create is so important, this is what will keep customers engaged. But, you also need to be mindful that the content you have online, either as the main body of text on your website or in blog articles need to be consistent with your choice of keywords. The keywords can help with your strategy for things like search engine optimization. However, if you are not too sure on things to do with SEO or how best to go about it, then an SEO company could be a good port of call to liaise with for some advice or to help you along the way with the content that you create. It isn’t easy to understand the whole strategy and how important your content is, after all, surely your products and services should speak for themselves? But if you don’t have content to support, then people are not going to be wise to what your business, your ethics and what you want to achieve is all about. So structuring the content and including an SEO strategy is important to help your website remain visible.

Using all of the tools at your advantage

Do you really make the most of all of the tools at your disposal when it comes to your online business? The chances are you don’t For starters, Google have business profiles that when someone searches words within your brand or business name, will bring up a profile that includes general information about your business. It is a good idea to claim yours so you have an extra from of advertising through Google itself. Other aspects to think about would be the social media tools. It isn’t just about uploading a picture or status update, these days you can do live video, share content through Instagram stories and now more recently have a separate channel on Instagram for longer video content call IGTV.

Showcasing those customer reviews

Finally, getting reviews for your business, your products and services is amazing, but they aren’t doing you any favors if no one know about them. Showcase them online, let the whole world know. It shows brand loyalty and trust and could be another sales technique for encouraging someone else to do business with you.

I hope that these tips help you to make a success of your online business.

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