How To Make An Income From Playing Online Poker

Online poker is increasingly becoming popular around the world. There is no doubt that today’s generation of poker players are naturally born and bred on the web. Sometimes, they never even step in a live card room until they are more experience than players who are 20 years older than them. Today’s poker pro has an impress online poker resume, and of course for a good reason. Because of the pace at which hands are dealt, together with the ability to play more than one table at ago (also known as multi-tabling), it has become a lot easier for players to learn and improve their poker skills. There is a wide range of stakes, including micro-limit cash games as well as tournaments with buy-ins which are a great choice for the poker beginners.

When you factor in the appeal of a smaller rate and actually not having to tip the dealer when a player wins a pot, it’s pretty clear that playing poker online is indeed a good deal.

But how do you make money from playing online poker? And how can you make a living from playing online poker? These are good questions that you would definitely want to get answers. Of course mastering poker basics and understanding a few strategies will help you win money, but we have also offered a few tips that should help you:

Play within your roll

The most important concept to start with is: always play within your bankroll to make money online. If you want to understand it, you will want to look at the mathematical theorem Gambler’s Ruin.

One of the main concepts in Gambler’s Ruin is: pin two players against each other in a zero-sum game (just like flipping a coin where both players expect either a win or loss). One player’s bankroll is finite. The other player has an infinite bankroll. Considering the infinite repetition of the game, the player who has a finite roll will go broke eventually.

The good thing is that if you are winning player, you can expect your return on your investment to be a positive one. However, to make the variance and swings irrelevant, you must have enough money in your roll.

Although finite, your bankroll should be large enough to seem infinite. You will want to stick to the standard rule of having less than 5 percent of your roll in one table at a time. If you want to be a pro, drop that number to 1 percent or 2 percent. Some of the most serious and profitable grinders play with rolls 10 times that.

Find a game you can beat

There are many online poker pros, and although many of them make a living in different game, each one of them has found one or more avenues of poker that give them a good amount of money. Some people prefer playing multi-table cash games, whereas others plat sit-n-goes for hours on end. There are many professionals who have realized that tournaments are a great of making money and over the last few years, a significant number of players have turned to playing heads-up. Regardless of their specialty, any poker pro will tell you that your best game is you’re your best bet and it’s where you should focus. Although finding your niche may take some time as well as experimentation, you will eventually know where your strengths lie when you keep records of your lessons.

Take advantage of online tools

We’ve discussed already some of the advantages of playing poker online instead of going a physical casino; however, there are a few more advantages that you should keep in mind. One thing you should know is that effective utilization of online tools will help you to make some good money.

If real money games are your thing, then the key is having good table selection. You need to keep your eye on the lobby and watch for tables with large average pots as well as a high percentage of players seeing the flop is an incredible way of increasing your chances of winning. When you get into action, take note of worst players because this information will come in handy.

Many poker rooms usually offer “find a player” feature which is often used to look for your favorite fish when playing online. On the other hand, you will basically have the option to hide from search.

In the last few years, using racking software has become the norm when playing online. There are programs that will collect statistic for you on every hand you play and then regurgitate the date, thus allowing you to analyze your opponents accurately and your own game.


If you keep in mind these factors and you are capable of winning online poker, then chances are that you will never go broke.

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