Online Shortcuts To Marketing Success

Common wisdom teaches us that success is a long-term process. Research how to make a million dollars and the advice will be the same: work hard consistently. For the business owners and entrepreneurs with very little time on their hands, this isn’t an acceptable answer. “Sorry, but I don’t have time to sit and wait for the results to go my way!” Do you agree with the previous statement? If so, there’s a good chance that shortcuts appeal to your sense of getting the ball rolling. They are not viable throughout the industry, but marketing is a sector which is ripe. Here are four ways to cut corners without harming success.

Traffic Bots

We have heard a lot about fake news in the last couple of years. It’s the president’s favorite quip, and Facebook has also been in the dock thanks to their links to Trump. Now, the consensus is that pedaling fake traffic is not acceptable. Indeed, Google has algorithms which detect traffic bots and subsequently dock points as a result. However, they are very good at creating a large audience in a matter of days, sometimes less. A businessman or woman who needs to develop a following rapidly can turn to this method to get the ball rolling. Afterwards, you can limit exposure and go organic.

Email Exposure

Email blasts have become popular from a marketing perspective. It’s easy to see why when they are accessible via mobile devices on-the-go and aren’t intrusive. A cold call is annoying yet an unwarranted email is like, meh. Even so, companies aren’t using emails to their full potential. To begin with, the usual electronic mail is too long and bulky for online readers. Because digital concentration spans are low, the taglines have to be short, snappy and interesting. There needs to be a quality call-to-action also. Secondly, the end of the text is a great place for an organic marketing ploy. Simply put the name of the company and a link to the site.

Imaging Platforms

Social media is a big deal as the services have billions of followers around the world. Some platforms also have hacks which have advertising potential. Consider Instagram and Puma. One of the biggest sports brands in the world, the German company has found a way to increase exposure through image tagging. The company simply creates a photo map and labels the location with the brand name instead of a geographical site. Then, followers see the business name rather than the address of the headquarters.

Credit Where It’s Due

Speaking of social media, we can’t finish without mentioning Twitter. At the moment, it may be the biggest of all the sites, and that’s a huge achievement. However, the number of characters you use can impact retweets. According to the experts, 120 is the perfect number for those who are limited to 140 characters. Users that are allowed double the usual amount should consider slashing tweets by 80 to 100 letters and spaces.

Do shortcuts seem like a bad idea after reading the ones above?

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