Office Revamp Time

Just like with a home, your office is going to need a bit of a revamp from time to time. The companies who stay stuck in the stone age with both office design and technology are doing it all wrong. There are some companies out there, let’s take Google for example, who are knocking the office game out of the park. They realize that a happy and bright office makes a great working space for their employees. Whilst you won’t be able to go as outlandish and Google and put a slide in your office, there are a few things you can do to improve the office environment, have a read on to find out more.

From Dull To Full Of Life

If you imagine your typical office, you should think of white walls, carpet with a bit of chewing gum that’s worked its way in and stuck there, white desks with computers on, and windows with the blinds drawn. This is the definition of a boring office space. First things first, get rid of that horrible carpet and swap it for something much more modern. You could opt for laminate wood flooring. It’s much nicer to look at, and isn’t that hard to install. Just make sure you’re using casters underneath for that perfect finish when it’s done. Secondly, you want to try and breathe some life into your office through the color of the walls. Whilst we aren’t saying to make it dazzling, and actually rather off putting, any wall color is better than just your average white. It jazzes the room up a little. One thing you could do is use the colors of your company logo, or even have your company logo printed onto one wall. Make sure you rip down that blinds if you have them and let natural light into the office daily, it’ll help to keep your employees more alive.

Mood Walls

We’ve talked about painting the walls, but what about having one wall as a sort of feature wall and make it a mood wall. A mood wall allows your employees to put their thoughts and feelings out in the open, and it can actually really improve office life. It could also allow them a space to say how they think the company could be improved, or even ideas for new products or services that could revolutionize your company. Sometimes the ideas employees have just don’t get enough credit!


Everyone assumes an office should be go go go, all of the time. This couldn’t be more wrong. Having an office that is constantly on the go is one of the reasons why so many employees are burnt out by mid afternoon, and the productivity levels drop massively. Have a corner where your employees can take five minutes to relax throughout the day. It’ll help to refresh their minds so much, and keep them happy overall. Just have a sofa, a coffee table, and some magazines for them to switch their mind off work.

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