No Sour Taste: 4 Tips For Ensuring Restaurant Kitchen Safety

It’s not easy to run a restaurant. Operating costs can be high, competition can be tough, and you need always ensure that you’re looking forward by updating your establishment’s decor and menu regularly. While there are many important aspects to focus on, none are quite as important as the safety in your kitchen. One major slip up by seriously derail your business, and, as such, you need to make your safety practices a top priority. Below, we take a look at five tips that’ll ensure your kitchen is as safe as possible.

Train Your Staff

You’ll obviously have a lot of potentially dangerous equipment in your kitchen, but it’s not the equipment that itself that poses a threat; it’s the people that will be using it that pose a danger. As such, you’ll need to ensure that your staff is fully clued up as to the proper way to stay safe in the kitchen. This will begin by making sure you hire chefs and kitchen staff with experience. Beyond that, it’s about making sure they’re thoroughly trained. This isn’t just something you should do once, either: they should be receiving updated training every few months or so, or whenever you have new equipment.

No Minor Injuries

No matter how robust your safety procedure is, there will be times when you have accidents. It’s an unavoidable part of running a kitchen. Hopefully, these injuries will only be minor. But no matter how severe the injury is, it’s imperative that you treat everything that happens seriously. Even if it’s just a small cut, make sure you’re logging the injury down. And of course, you’ll need to have all the essential first aid equipment readily available and ensure that everyone in the kitchen knows how to use them properly.

Automate Where Possible

Your staff will be doing most of the hard work, but they don’t have to be responsible for every action in the kitchen. There have been great leaps in kitchen technology, and, as such, you’ll have many pieces of equipment that can automate your kitchen practices. There are quality fish scaler machines available so that your staff doesn’t need to awkwardly use a knife, extra safe fryers, and silent mechanical and refrigeration systems that make the kitchen a calmer place to work. Take a look at your current kitchen equipment, and see which might be due to an upgrade.

Cleaning Practices

As anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant kitchen knows, they can be messy places to work. And alas, this is where most of the accidents stem from. It’s not always the knife that does the damage; it’s the wet, slippery floor that does it. As such, make sure you have a cleaning routine that keeps the harmful liquids and the like off the floor. This should be done throughout the evening, rather than just at the end of the night.

While there’s no way to keep all accidents out of the kitchen, by taking safety seriously, you can keep them to a minimum.

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