How Your Small Business Can Support Working Parents

Life for a working parent can be difficult. They are constantly worried about their children at home, feeling guilty about leaving them and dealing with childcare issues. When things are going well, juggling everything is tough. Then a child or childcare provider gets sick, and it’s even worse. There are daily battles to simply get to work on time.

Employing working parents can also be difficult. When you run a small business, you need your staff to be able to give you their all. When you’ve got a smaller workforce, it can be hard to offer the flexibility and support that working parents need. But, these employees can be experienced, productive and loyal, especially if you look after them. They are the people that will be there helping you grow for years to come. Here’s a look at some of the things that you can do to support working parents, helping them to give you their very best.

Add a Crèche

One of the biggest problems for working parents is the sometimes-extortionate cost of childcare. If you employ more than one parent and you’ve got the space for a safe room and some equipment from it can be worth offering a crèche service in-house. This means that your employees can be more focused, more flexible and happier at work knowing that their children are safe and happy.

Offer Extra Perks

If a crèche isn’t a realistic option, think of other ways that you can help both parents and other full-time staff. Time is a huge problem for many of today’s workforce, so help them to find ways to save it. Offer an on-site dry-cleaning service, a good restaurant, outsource other errands or get an occasional mobile medical clinic to come around.

Paid Parental Leave

Parents need to take time for their children sometimes, and fathers are just as important as mothers to a child’s development and happiness. More companies than ever are now offering fathers paid parental leave after their child is born. This is an important step and can be a great way to show your employees that you are going to support them and their relationship with their children. Take a look at how some other companies are making it work here

It’s also important to remember that the need to leave doesn’t stop once a parent returns to work after the birth of their child. Children get sick; they have appointments and school events that their parents will want to attend. Let them. Even if you can’t pay them for this time, let them take it when you can.

Offer Flexible Working

The most important thing that you can do to support working parents is understanding that their needs will change and continue to change as their child grows. Someone who gave you 50 hours a week before their child was born will return with a whole new set of priorities. Offer flexible working, part-time positions, job shares and even the option to work from home some of the time. Try to find something that works for everyone and be open to change when it’s needed.

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