How To Measure The Success Of Your Customer Service Department

Customer service is at the heart of any successful business. Regardless of what product or service you’re selling, it’s vital that you make the process all the way from first contact to purchase and beyond a positive one for your customer. Hopefully, you already know that and you’re constantly updating and improving your customer service processes, but how do you know if it’s working or not. Measuring the success of your customer service is important because if there are any problems, you need to be aware of them so you can fix them right away and ensure that your service is the best it can be. These are some of the best ways to measure the success of your customer service department.

Customer Success

Customer success is a fairly broad term that has different definitions in different industries but for the purpose of this article, the best way to look at it is this: ‘Customer Success is when your customers achieve their desired outcome through their interactions with your company.’ When a customer finishes their interaction with your company feeling as though everything is resolved and they got exactly what they wanted out of it, that’s customer success. One of the best ways to measure customer success is through online reviews. Customer comments on your review section will outline whether they were satisfied with the service or if they came away frustrated because they didn’t get the resolution they wanted. Obviously, there are always going to be some people that didn’t get what they wanted easily because some problems are more complex to fix. However, the majority of the reviews should be positive ones saying that their problem was resolved quickly and no further action is needed. If you find that these types of reviews are lacking, it’s time to have a look at your customer service and make some changes.

Number Of Interactions

The number of people that are getting in touch with your customer service department is a good indicator of the company as a whole. If you’ve got a lot of interaction, it means two things. Firstly, it means that your customer service is easily accessible which is good. But on the other hand, it means customers are experiencing a lot of problems which is always bad news.

Repeat Interactions

The number of repeat interactions (customers calling in more than once) is a better way to measure the success of your customer service than the general number of interactions. If you’ve got a lot of people calling but they’re all different, that indicates that the customer service department is doing its job well but you’ve got some major problems with the product itself. However, if you’re getting a high volume of people that are contacting you multiple times, that means your customer service staff aren’t dealing with those problems quickly and efficiently and you need to start looking at your process again and consider getting new customer service staff.  

If you aren’t measuring the effectiveness of your customer service department, you might be giving terrible service without even realizing it.

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