How To Make Your Small Company Seem Big

As a small company, you may find it hard to compete with the big companies around. These big companies have an established brand and a lot of resources at their disposal, which can make these companies easier to trust. There’s generally only one way to rival these big companies and that’s to convince clients that you’re also big. No, you should never lie about your size – however you can suggest to consumers that you’re bigger than you actually are by using a few tricks. Here are some of those tricks.

Increase your social media following

A small social media following can be a giveaway that you’re a small company. Find ways to increase your followers so that your company looks more popular and well known. You can do this by inviting all your friends and previous/existing clients to follow you (you could even offer some kind of reward for clients that follow you on social media as an incentive). If you have any employees, you could also get them to invite their friends to like your social media pages. This is certain to give your following the boost it needs. You can then continue to grow your following through ads. Avoid buying followers as this can have a negative effect on your social media marketing.

Increase your amount of online reviews and testimonials

Lots of reviews and testimonials also shows that you’ve had lots of previous clients. Every time you have a happy client, encourage them to leave an online review or fill in a feedback form that you can then use to extract testimonials from.

Improve your search engine rankings

It could also be worth investing in some SEO (search engine optimization). Quite often the biggest companies rank the highest on search engines. SEO companies can help to boost your rankings naturally so that you appear higher. You can also create web ads using services such as Google AdWords so that your company features on the first page.

Become a member of an official body

Becoming a member of an official body could also make your company look bigger. Whilst some official bodies have strict entry requirements, others accept any company of any size. Being able to say that your part of an official body on your website and branding could help you to look bigger. You can also enter local company award schemes – if you win you can show off the fact that you’re an ‘award-winning’ company.

Hire a virtual receptionist  

It’s also possible to outsource virtual answering services for taking phone calls. Not only will this reduce interruptions for you so that you can focus on other business tasks, people ringing you may believe that you’re big and successful enough to have a personal receptionist, when actually you’re simply outsourcing a company.

Use a virtual address

You can also convince clients that you’re bigger than you are by outsourcing your mailing address. If you work from home, your mailing address could be a giveaway that you’re not a big company. Virtual mailing address companies are often located in central city locations and could convince clients that you’re big and successful enough to be based in the city center.

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