How To Get The Best Candidates During Your Hiring Process

Besides management, employees are the single most important determinants to a company’s success. Many companies want to recruit the best talents but their recruitment strategies belie this desire and they end up with slackers whom they have to fire after a few months due to under-performance.

This then results in another recruitment process that ends with similar results like the previous one, and the cycle of hiring under-performing employees ceaselessly continues. Sometimes, you get a great performer but they don’t fit and have to leave after a few months.

Inevitably, the cycle of hiring, firing and resignations comes at a great cost to the company. This, of course, affects the company’s bottom line.


As you can see, hiring and retaining talent is important in growing your company’s bottom line and to avoid disruptions that affect the workplace morale as well as service delivery.

So, how do you hire the best candidate who will perform and serve the company faithfully for a number of years? First, stop hiring for the sake of filling up vacant roles. Have a clear recruitment strategy and well thought-out parameters of the candidate you are looking for. More importantly, knowing and understanding your culture will help you assess a candidate for their suitability and if they will fit in seamlessly in your company.

Culture fit

What’s your corporate culture? Understand this and the company’s vision and mission.

During your interviews, candidly explain your company culture to the candidates so they know and get prepared for what they are getting to. Sometimes, you will find a candidate performing quite exceptionally in your interviews but aren’t aligned with your company culture.

They occasions in which they can learn and adapt but they are times when your values and theirs can never be congruent. Don’t hire them. Hiring them will strain both parties and they will resign or you will have fire them soon or later.

You’d rather pick the second best candidate who is more culturally suitable for your company and train them.

Academic qualifications

Definitely not the only yardstick you should use to assess and hire the right candidate for your roles but academic grades can be indicative of a candidate’s ability. Excellent grades can show a candidates ability to master and follow instructions.

The schools and colleges they attended and the activities they took part in can show you the values and skills they might have acquired. If, for instance, they went to an Ivy League college on a Bill Gates Scholarship and were in the college football team and, you will definitely know they an all-round person with both academic abilities as well as soft skills.

Soft skills

Soft skills are essential in most roles even for remote jobs. You want an employee who can communicate clearly and effectively with their co-workers as well as your clients.

Test your candidate’s communication and interpersonal skills by assessing how well clearly they speak during the interviews. Interviews can be a coalface that most candidates want to get over and done with so you can also take them out of the interview environment by having a casual talk over lunch to gauge their true abilities.

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