Essentials You Must Get Right For Your Next Marketing Event

Whether you are running a blogger meetup or a full on day festival for potential customers, you will be putting in significant funds and effort to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves and connects this feeling to your brand. For that to happen, there are some essential that you need to get right. Read on to find out what they are and to get some advice to ensure everything goes off without a hitch


First of all, branding is where the money and effort that you have put into the day pays off. What this means that you need to have your name out there and get that first impression right, reminding people that the fun they are having is on you.

Of course, you don’t have to brand every single item with your company name and logo, in fact, some more subtle branding touches can work just as well. For example, why not ensure that the event colors are the same as the one you have in your logo? Then you can get everything from chair sashes, to table runners, to paper cups in the same tones which will act as a gentle reminder that isn’t too ‘in your face.’

You will also want some full business logo and title items as well, just make sure to carefully pick them, and don’t go overboard. A banner across the entrance or stage is a good move, as are upright boards with company information on.

Also don’t forget that if you are handing out gift bags at the end of the event branding is highly effective on and in these. Therefore feel free to add brochures and business card along with the freebies for maximum effect.


Next, for your marketing event to be as successful as possible, you need to make sure that the facilities you are providing are top notch. What this means is that there need to be enough seats, room, and conveniences for attendees to remain comfortable during the event.

To do this assign one person to organize all the onsite facilities and ensure they cover every eventuality including porta potty rental, disabled access, and car parking. Such preparation is important as you won’t want to ruin the good vibes you have worked so hard to create by minor inconveniences and frustrations during the day.


Lastly, the most successful marketing events include entertainment, and no I don’t mean that 7-hour power point that you have on your latest product. Yes, people do expect to be exposed to some marketing material and information but break this up with genuinely entertaining things too.


You can use a VR room like the one in the clip above for cutting edge entertainment at your event.

You may wish to hire a band or DJ for musical entertainment, run practical workshops in art, crafts, or cooking, and even do something a little more out of the box such as running a VR or an escape room. The main thing to remember here is to make the day as memorable and fun as possible because this goodwill is then forever associated with your brand in potential customers’ minds.

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