Big Internet Companies Are Acquiring Small Ones

The commercialization of the Internet had a huge effect on almost every industry in the world and the use of Internet has become a fundamental part of our everyday functioning. Since then the battle between the Internet companies started and it still lasts for almost three decades now.
It is a common practice for big companies to buy smaller ones which are on the rise. 
“Travel bookings are the single largest component of ecommerce” – Forrester Research. Expedia, which is one of the biggest online travel agencies in the world, frequently uses the strategy of acquiring. In the past four years, Expedia acquired companies like Travelocity, Orbitz, and Homeaway.
eBay, one of the largest auction websites, has bought many companies since it was founded in 1996. The biggest names of the 59 companies that eBay has acquired belong to the same branch as eBay itself, with, Kruse International, Internet Auction Co., iBazar being only some of them.
Another Internet giant, Apple, has made a lot of acquisitions over the years. Among the most famous companies that the multinational technology company has acquired are Shazam, Beats Electronics, PrimeSense, etc. 
The conclusion is that the trend of acquiring will continue and the big companies are only going to swap smaller ones between them.

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