5 Ways To Keep Your Employees Healthy And Reduce Sickness

A productive and efficient workforce is essential to the success of any business, but if you want your employees to be productive and efficient, then there is one problem that you need to solve – Sickness. When a member of staff is off sick, regardless of their role or daily tasks, it puts a strain on everyone and impacts the entire business. If you want to avoid this, then you need to take preventative measures to keep your staff healthy and prevent sickness. Here are five things that you can do.

Offer Healthy Food Options

If the only food that you offer your employees is a vending machine stocked with candy bars and the KFC around the corner, then you’re not doing them or your business any favors. You may not be able to provide your employees with healthy meals each day, but you could keep the staff room stocked with healthy snacks, like nuts and fresh fruit. You could also host regular potlucks, and ask staff to bring healthy dishes to eat as a group at lunchtime.

Provide Convenient Water Access

It’s important for your staff to stay hydrated throughout the day, but if their only access to water is on the other side of the office, or even on another floor, they’re much less likely to get a drink when they need one. To make their life easier, you could install a drinking fountain, like the Elkay EZS8L cooler, somewhere more convenient in the office. You could also provide each staff member with a reusable drinking bottle, to cut down on plastic cups.

Encourage Regular Exercise

Although you can’t force your employees to partake in regular exercise, you can encourage them and make it easier for them, such as by having a room in the office filled with fitness equipment, so that they can go there on their break and after work. If this isn’t possible, you could see if you can get your employees a discount at a local gym. You could also form a fitness group, and go jogging together on evenings and weekends.

Make It A Competition

Some of your employees are going to be more stuck in their unhealthy habits than others and will need a bit more encouragement if they’re to break free from them. A great way to do this is to turn your new healthy living into a competition, where the winner will receive a reward of some kind. For example, you could give your employees pedometers and offer a reward to the one that completes the most steps in one week.

Keep Your Door Open

Stress is just as bad for the body as unhealthy foods, so it’s essential that you do what you can to reduce your employees’ stress. You could start by encouraging employees to take regular breaks from work throughout the day. You could also emphasize the fact that your door is always open if any staff members need to talk, and that you’ll do your best to help them if there’s a problem.


Another way to help your employees stay healthy is to make sure anyone who is sick stays home! This will help make sure the rest of your staff doesn’t get sick, too. One way to do this is by teaching your employees how to take their temperature with their iPhone or iPad.

It costs a lot more to have unhealthy staff than it does to get your staff healthy, so consider the advice above and do what you can to reduce sickness in your business.

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