Your Employees Need You!

How much do you value your employees? The answer should always be dearly. But how many business owners do you think answer that question honestly? Hardly any. There is a sort of mirror between reality and perception when it comes to company owners and their employees. They might think they’re treating everyone right and fairly, but in reality they’re getting treated rather poorly. There is an etiquette involved when it comes to managing a group of people, an etiquette that is often ignored. So we’re here to show you the main ways in which your employees need you, and how you can step up to the mark.

To Lead

The one downfall to having a large group of employees, or any sized group for that matter, is that they often don’t use their initiative. This isn’t because they’re not capable, it is because they’re scared of doing wrong by the company. Which is fair enough, because often when an employee does something off their own back it is criticized rather than praised. So whilst having employees will allow you to take a back seat slightly with how your company is ran, you must always be actively managing them. Lead them to better things, show them the ins and outs of the company, and be there for them whenever they need you. They’re going to look up to you a lot more than you might realize, so make sure you’re there giving a shining example of how things should be done.

To Protect

It is your duty to protect the people who work for you, no matter what line of business you’re in. So as an example, if you run an office you’re going to want to make sure even the smallest of safety issues such as a wire exposed are dealt with. Whilst employees might like working for you, a claim is a claim, and if there’s money to be made they’ll always head for that. Similarly, break ins when people are still working in the office are so common, more common than you may think. Hiring corporate security officers to patrol the premises is going to give you that safety blanket you need. It’ll help to make your employees feel more safe and secure in the workplace, and it’ll help your business from encountering major financial setbacks that might arise from a break-in. Finally, if you run a company that is based in  a warehouse or a similar space, it is important to make sure you’re following all of the health and safety procedures, and giving your employees full training before they start. Again, where there’s a claim there’s a blame, and you will most definitely be held to blame if an employee gets injured.

To Grow

They’ll also be looking at you to help them grow as a person through your company. Offer fair opportunities, promotions, and new job roles to keep them keen. Doing the same thing over and over no doubt gets boring. The more they know, the more they’re going to grow.

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