Top Tips For Successful Cloud Accounting

According to a study highlighted by Business 2 Community, 96% of companies are shifting applications to the cloud. This is despite cloud migration projects often taking surprisingly long; almost 75% of companies admitted that their projects were lasting at least a year.

That such lengthy migration has not deterred businesses from using cloud accounting speaks volumes for its beneficial effects. Follow these tips to help prevent a convoluted cloud experience.

Play down worries about cloud security

As using the cloud entails storing data on remote servers, many of your staff members might assume it to be less secure than the more traditional method of storing data on-premises.

However, contrary to popular belief, many businesses can significantly boost security by using cloud storage, Inc. explains. You must put people at ease regarding the security of cloud solutions which your firm utilizes; however, also understand that many people’s misgivings could take time to fade.

Test a cloud platform while migrating to it

This can help prevent your business locking itself into a cloud platform which it later finds to be too faulty for its own needs. Your company’s accounting needs might require very particular resources and capacity – and testing a migration can assist you in discerning exactly what.

Testing can also help you in both capturing appropriate configurations, such as settings and security controls, and developing a cost-baseline for your deployment’s future expense in the cloud.

Take advantage of cloud accounting’s flexibility

Cloud accounting has various benefits which shouldn’t be overlooked. You could educate your staff about these plus points to encourage their take-up of the new system.

Through using online cloud accounting software to streamline and automate financial processes of a complexity that could otherwise bewilder your employees, you can cut out human errors. Furthermore, your staff can access the software at any time and from any place.

Be patient and persistent to boost utilization

Once your company has a new cloud system in place, don’t be too disheartened if the rate of take-up among users remains sluggish.

In a survey mentioned by Inc., over 43% of 200 decision makers who drive cloud purchase and utilization reported that at least four touches are necessary for starting the transition of major seats on a cloud solution and engaging users.

In helping users overcome their reticence about the cloud, you need to be patient and persistent – and proactively reach out to people requiring the most assistance.

Don’t just focus on cost-cutting

Joe Spagnoletti, a former Chief Information Officer of the Campbell Soup Company, cautions against becoming too preoccupied with the financial advantages of cloud migration.

In words quoted by CIO, he calls cloud migration “an option to deliver capability”, adding that you need to get a solution “at the cost commensurate with the capability.”

Cloud accounting can help you shorten lead times and more confidently grow the company – as Accounts Lab, a group of cloud accountants in Leeds, can vouch. The company allows its clients to harness innovative cloud accounting software for a fixed fee.

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