How To Take Advantage Of SEO Even If You Don’t Have A Website

Wait, that sounds crazy.

But you no longer need a website to start learning and practicing SEO for your business. Learning how to optimize your brand for search engines is an important skill.

If you have a business or intend to start a business someday, it’s wise to learn SEO concepts and start getting involved in SEO activities as soon as you can. Learning the basics of SEO and then practicing these techniques can enhance the presence of your brand online and perhaps you can add a website later.

An SEO company called Caffeinated did just this when they launched. They were selling SEO and website development without even having a website themselves. It’s easier to say that you should practice SEO, but the question is how to make this happen.

Note that SEO is an extensive and highly involving topic. While it appears difficult to learn and practice SEO without a website, here a few ways you can take advantage of SEO even if you don’t have a website.

Get your business Listed with Google My Business (GMB) Listings

One of the most effective ways of taking advantage of SEO even when you don’t have a business website is by getting your business listed with My Business Listings and maintaining the account up-to-date.

An accurate GMB listing offers valuable information to Google and your target audience alike. Optimizing GMB listings for your business helps you to achieve your desired online presence and rank higher in search results. This can drive more traffic to your store and offer your business a shot at appearing in the highly coveted local 3-pack.

A GMB listing offers businesses better control over their presence. Google can also generate these listings automatically. Thus, before you register your business with the GMB listing, first find out if it already exists. Whether you need to create the listing or claim and update it, it’s advisable to ensure that the information provide accurate. Besides, you should ensure that the listing is optimized for maximum visibility.

These listings are very important for both multi-location brands and even start-ups. If your business has more than one location, then, each business must have an individual listing. Ensure that you provide a unique business name, its address, and contact information such as email address and a phone number. You can also avail a map or directions to your business.

Google My Business listings allow business owners to tell Google where they are located, what they do, and more. Therefore, even if you don’t have a website, you can use SEO skills and techniques to ensure that your business gets the right traffic and online presence.

Don’t be shy on social media

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter offer something similar to GMB listings. These listings are also known as social media profiles, pages, or listings. Each of these platforms allows business owners to set up profiles.

You can add all the important details about your business on these profiles. For instance, you can add your business name, address, work hours, directions, the goods and services on offer, and more. You can also use these the social media profiles to make important announcements to your target audience.

Both mobile phones and social media platforms mean that everyone is connected 24 hours each day. In this digital era, your business can’t afford to be a wallflower. It’s wise to join conversations on your page and help your audience to understand your business and brand better. Offer detailed responses to the questions your customers and prospects are asking.

Where there is no discussion going on yet, take advantage of that opportunity and start a discussion. You can do so by responding to comments, asking questions, and sharing content that resonates with your primary objectives. Note that today’s internet users want to feel engaged with the service providers they buy from. According to a report published on Sprout, 57 percent of shoppers prefer to buy from brands they follow and engage with on social media.

Create share-worthy client experience that gets your customers talking

Businesses that don’t have websites should focus on creating excellent experiences that customers will get an excited share on review sites and social media. Simply by offering great support, excellent personal services, keeping business software up to date, listening to the client feedback reveals that the business cares about these customers and values their patronage.

One thing you should know is that everyone appreciates personal attention particularly when this attention comes from a local business. Thus, one way of getting excellent reviews and social media shares is to request your clients to write reviews. When making these requests, be direct and polite. Every business out there strives to win more clients. Therefore, keeping in touch with your customers and prospects can go a long way in getting excellent reviews and more shares on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Introductory offers

Who doesn’t love a freebie? If you’re in search of leads to your business, then, having a good introductory offer is an effective solution. It’s a guaranteed way of directing both existing customers and prospects to your business. A genuine freebie is also a tantalizing way to begin a client relationship. These offers can create customer loyalty when directed to the right target audience.

Client loyalty means that your business is likely to get great reviews and a lot of social media shares and other forms of engagements. These are some of the techniques of enhancing your business’ online presence. Even without a website, you can use freebies to give your prospects an idea about your products and also give them something to talk about on social media.

Currently, most businesses are obsessed with using Search Engine Optimization in their marketing campaigns. While SEO is valued so much in the internet marketing, many people believe that you must have a website to practice SEO. However, the tips discussed in this article will help you to take advantage of SEO even if you don’t have a website for your business.

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