How Metal Sea Containers Changed Logistics Forever

The most vital tool which assists in the moving of goods from one place to another is the shipping container.

The Shipping Container Technology- How It Changed Trade Forever

The technological advancement of these containers has brought numerous changes in the lifestyle of a modern individual. The world has advanced to such an extent that this technological advancement is also reflected in the shipping containers which are now used for a variety of purposes. Every now and then an item is delivered to our homes but a very few might think about the way, the whole process is being carried out.

History Of Shipping Containers

One might have a question in mind that, “where do the shipping containers come from?” An answer to this specific question can be resolved by dating back to the history of the shipping containers. In the past, goods have been transported using various means and modes, however, there had been a revolution in the history of shipping industry which changed the logistics forever, when Malcolm McLean invented the shipping container in 1956. He also patented it which was a very smart move on his side. It is always wise to patent an idea especially the one which can bring such a great advancement in the real world.

How Are Shipping Containers Made?

The shipping containers are available in a huge variety, having different shapes, and the sizes as well.

-The first step in making the shipping containers involve making the wall panels. In order to make these wall panels, big rolls of steel are sliced into several sheets which are then corrugated for strength, corrugation also gives them the wavy appearance.

-The next step after the wall panel is the assembling of the floor frame.

– The top of the walls are welded with the square tubing and floor frame is also made by assembling the floor panels. The doors and the corners are assembled separately. All the components requiring welding are welded to give the container a shape of a box.

-When the container takes the shape of a box, the next step is painting and priming. When the priming is done and it is finally dried, a lot of layers paint is coated by spraying to ensure that the shipping container can withstand the harsh environmental conditions.

– The next step is the flooring as the floor frame is fitted with the wooden flooring. It is also made sure that there is an appropriate arrangement for the pest control as it is a well-known fact that mice and rodents can easily find their way for nesting.

-The container is labeled and all the required procedures are then carried out, the door is ensured to be watertight and the container is also made waterproof at the bottom.

-After being made water resistant, the container is finally put to test to ensure that it is performing the way it is supposed to be. If there is a leakage or anything then the imperfections have to correct otherwise, it is transported to its designated location.

The Continuous Evolution Of The Shipping Containers

It has recently been announced by the Korea Railroad Research Center that in 2021 they are likely to start the commercial production of a shipping container having the ability to collapse in size. It is said that it can shrink to a size 1/4th of it’s original. It would be amazing to see such an advancement especially since childhood everyone is quite aware of the shipping containers being quite similar around them however, they have brought a remarkable revolution and are being used for a variety of purposes.

Tips On Buying The Shipping Containers

A shipping container can be bought for a variety of reasons, for example, it can be purchased for the residential use or can also be purchased for the commercial use. There are some tips which can be considered when seeking to buy a shipping container:

-It is important to know the purpose for which the shipping container is being purchased. For example, one might purchase it for living or for the guest house, or maybe for the storage use.

-Consider using a broker to find one that can be shipped close to you. Places like and other vendors can help you locate where the nearest dealer is.

-Size has to be taken into consideration once the purpose is being defined.

-The shipping containers can be purchased either as brand new but there is also an option to buy the used ones. The best thing about the shipping containers is that they can be recycled.

-Once a decision has been made in favor of buying the used shipping container, it is a must to check it thoroughly in case if there are any imperfections which need to be fixed. Even the new container should be checked before making a final purchase decision.

-Make sure all the required certifications are taken into consideration which basically declare the time until which the shipping container is likely to be fit for the use.

Uses Of The Shipping Containers

The shipping containers can be used for a variety of purposes for example:

-They can be used for the purpose of affordable housing.

-They can be used for stores.

-They can be used for the emergency shelters.

-They can be used for medical clinics.

-They can be used for food trucks and for the coffee shops.

-They can also serve as the storage units for the batteries and much more.


In short, it can be said that shipping containers seem to have a significant impact in revolutionizing the way logistics had been done in past. The technological advancement has made the world a global village and people are able to take goods easily from one place to another. if a person is shifting to a different country, he can easily ship his furniture from one country to another though it might take some time at least the feeling of feeling like home having the same furniture would be worth it.

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