Creating An Emotional Shopping Experience Online

Online shopping is growing. More people shop online every year. It’s easier, it’s more convenient, it’s often cheaper, and at busy times of the year like Christmas, it’s much less stressful. But, many retailers still have a brick and mortar storefront, and even online retailers like Amazon are looking to open more physical shops and collection points. The number one benefit of having a real-life store is always customer experience. With a tangible property, a company can make shopping an experience, an event that’s worth coming out of the house for. This is what gives brick and mortar stores and edge, and what sets them apart. People like people, they trust people, they enjoy the experience of shopping, and they like to use all of their senses to judge a product before making a purchase. Offering the same kind of experience online is tough. But, not impossible. Here’s how to do it.

Learn More About Your Customers

Finding out more about your customers is the best way to find out what they want from you. Knowing what kind of people they are, will help you to give them what they want from a shopping experience. Utilize social listening to find out what they are saying about you on social media, read this post about building an RFM model to assess customer value, and thoroughly look into your site’s analytics to find out as much as you can about them.

Create Personal Messages

Personal advertising is huge. Just look down the side of your own Facebook feed, the adverts you see are all related to your online search history and the Facebook pages that you like. It’s tailored to you. Use this to your advantage. Now you’ve learnt more about your customers; you can craft personal messages and adverts that appeal to them on an emotional level. If you know that they’re from the UK, and they got to you searching for summer clothes, tailor a message about holiday shopping. You could even send out specific, personalized offers, instead of blanket bombing your audience with deals that they don’t want.

Engage with them

The average Joe on social media loves nothing more than getting a reply, retweet or like from their favorite brand or celebrity. It makes them feel valued and appreciated. As a smaller brand, you’ve got a fantastic opportunity to really engage with and get to know your followers and viewers. Connect with them on social media, share their posts and offer them tips and advice when they need it. Try to remember details about them that will help you to grow this personal connection.

Remember, engaging and creating an experience online isn’t just about your website. Think about every touch point you have. They’re on your website, they’re following you on social media, and they are reading your emails. The key to creating a shopping experience online is linking all of these things together and personalizing your approach while giving your readers an insight into your life and showing them behind the scenes.

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