Could Flipping The Pyramid On Your Business Finally Master Employee Happiness?

As a manager or CEO, you’ll have a lot on your mind. You need to think about sales figures, products, and everything between. You’ll also need to spare a thought for your employee happiness.

This is one of those ever-elusive issues which keeps many of us awake at night. You’ll never get far if you don’t master this. Your employees ARE your business. If they aren’t happy, nor will your profits be.

That’s why high-end business figures have been trying to master this for years. They’ve attempted employee bonuses, bonding activities, and many other incentives. Often, though, the results are short-lived.

Which is why it may be worth trying something different. According to professionals like Jozef Opdeweegh, the best thing you can do here is to flip your pyramid of operations upside down. In most workplaces, the managers come first, and the employees are underneath them. But, it may be better to switch that order so your employees feel valued. If you’re tempted, here are a few ways to do it.

Ideas don’t only have to come from the ‘top’

Most tips and tricks about how to create a motivated team can have short lived effects. But, if you listen to the creative input of employees, you may find a method with long-lasting benefits. Often we only take ideas from the top. We may accept suggestions from employees, but they rarely go far. Try changing that. Treat the creative input from employees the way you would that of your equals. As well as helping staff feel valued, this could lead to fantastic ideas. After all, these are the people who work in the field and handle complaints. If anyone knows what needs changing, they do.

You should get should get stuck into sales too

Flipping the pyramid doesn’t only mean putting your staff on top. It also means putting yourself in their shoes sometimes. That means not being afraid to get stuck in and do their work as well. If you leave sales to your staff all the time or pass down every task you’re handed; you’ll soon lose respect. And, a team with no respect will struggle to feel happy. To make sure it doesn’t happen, prove that you aren’t afraid to get stuck in. Learn the ropes you may never have bothered with before. Never ask someone to do a job you don’t sometimes do yourself.

Earnings to reflect work, not position

Most notably, this flip should involve money. Often, those at the top of the metaphorical pyramid get paid the most. And, that’s fine if they do the most work. But, often, staff are left to feel as though they do the work, and the people above reap the rewards. Hence, unrest and unhappiness. To stop this from happening by trying to spread money fairly for work done. Instead of hoarding large bonuses for managers, take a cut and spreading that money among your colleagues. A happy workforce will earn you a lot more than you lose.

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