Are You Taking Care Of Your Greatest Business Asset?

Quick question: what’s the most important asset in your business?   


Time, money, and the internet are all good answers. However, people will always form the heartbeat of any business venture, which is why the staff should be considered top of the agenda. After all, they aren’t only integral to the productivity levels. They also handle the vast majority of customer interactions. So, look after the employees and they’ll return the favor by keeping clients happy.

Employees have several expectations of the company and the boss. Rather than just satisfying those aspects, go the extra mile by surpassing what they’re used to. In return, you should see an engaged, motivated, and hardworking team. This can only be great news for the company, and here are ten simple steps to transform your fortunes ASAP.

  1. Take recruitment to the next level by focusing on the on-boarding elements. From uniform and name badges to stationery and designated work-spaces, those elements have a big impact. Having them available on day one shows employees that the company has a sense of professionalism and attention to detail. More crucially, it makes them feel wanted from day one, This sense of belonging can truly be one of the greatest assets during that settling in phase. Make this your platform for all interactions.   
  2. Keep staff equipment in great health. This could mean upgrading to the latest machinery in the warehouse or keeping office computers updated. Either way, there’s little doubt that having facilities capable of great productivity is crucial. If employees are in a position where they physically can’t work to the best of their abilities, they will lose enthusiasm and interest. This is why you must not ignore this aspect at any stage or in any working environment. Apart from anything else, it’s the company’s time that will be wasted.

  1. Invest in great staff break room facilities. A coffee machine or office water dispenser may seem like a small gesture, but it will boost the atmosphere greatly. Besides, hydration is key to keeping staff energy level at the desired level. Additional items ranging from TVs to pool tables can make a telling impact too. Above all else, any cooking facilities in the staff kitchen area should be in good condition. There’s nothing worse for a money-conscious employee than being forced to eat out for lunch due to a lack of facilities.
  2. Show that you actively care by taking their futures into account. Your responsibilities as an employer regarding 401k plans should only be the start. Even if it’s simply educating them on how to make the most of their savings, the influence can be crucial. Meanwhile, rewarding them with stocks or shares in the company may be a suitable option for many businesses too. Most importantly, though, you should be happy to tutor and prepare them for future promotions. That sense of job security will inspire a positive reaction.
  3. Encourage the ethos of healthy body, healthy mind. An active sitting chair can help overcome the dangers associated with being sedentary in the office. The list of benefits here includes posture, blood flow, and general muscle movement. Meanwhile, paid gym memberships or cycle to work schemes can completely transform your workforce. The increased energy is great news for them at work and in their personal lives. As for the business, you’ll have an energetic and more attractive team of employees.

4. Appreciate that they are human and have lives outside of work. Whether it’s reconsidering your approach to time off slips, allowing employees to work from home when kids are ill, or offering marriage counseling services doesn’t matter. Give them a little freedom and they will repay you with far greater productivity levels. As well as the improvements from the employee in question, other staff members will see that their colleagues are being treated well. This feeds into a far better company climate and respect towards you as a boss.   

5. Allow colleagues to talk with each other too. There is a line that mustn’t be crossed as you cannot afford those interactions to get in the way of productivity. Still, a little communication about things that aren’t related to work can encourage better relationships. In turn, this encourages employees to discuss any issues that may occur in the workplace. Subsequently, you’ll see fewer mistakes and quicker processes. Besides, that positivity in the office can work wonders for general happiness and motivation levels.   

6. Ensure that your staff members are protected from all angles at all times. Getting CCTV is a great start as it makes a physical gesture that is noticed by the staff as well as potential intruders. Combine this with alarms and other systems to prohibit unwanted access. Follow this with digital data protection, and the fears related to those issues will evaporate. However, you should accept that the biggest dangers are internal. Provide employees with the clothing and equipment needed for safety, and it will save a lot of potential hassle. As well as lives.

7. Invest in regular staff training. This links with the idea of showing they have a future with the company. It also goes a long way to providing them with the incentive to keep striving for more. After all, their main motivation comes from progress in their own careers rather than anything achieved for the company. Utilize that to your advantage, and it’ll work wonders for both parties. Once again, seeing colleagues achieve great things can encourage others to follow in their footsteps.   

8. Keep work environments as clean as possible. Not only does this help fight the threat of staff absences, but it will promote a happier atmosphere. On a separate note, a cleaner work-space is likely to be more organized. Aside from direct cleaning duties, you could consider going paperless in the office to cut down on the issues. A clean environment is a happy one. Besides, this will always make a positive impression on visitors ranging from store consumers to B2B clients in the office.

As you can see, most of those investments into the staff will actively aid the business. Incorporate some of those ideas ASAP, and you should see positive results in no time.

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