3 Ways To Create A Motivated And Productive Team

A happy workforce is a productive one, which is of obvious benefit to businesses. Financial reward is a motivator, but often financial rewards are too little and too infrequent to have much of an effect on a day to day basis. Business owners and employers need to think a little more creatively to develop a motivated, happy and productive team. Staff recruitment and turnover can be a big problem, so retaining good quality staff with loyalty to the business is imperative.

This article aims to highlight ways of encouraging a happy, motivated and productive team of employees.

Create a productive environment

The design and layout of your office space is paramount in creating an environment that promotes your staff to be productive. In the past offices were dark and dreary with little opportunity to provide inspiration and creativity. Desks were arranged in lines, not allowing interaction and the decor was dark.

Research has shown that the environment has a huge effect on mood and morale. A light decor and making use of natural light, will promote a feeling of airiness and space. Flooring should be streamlined and clutter free. Consider employing the expertise of concrete resurfacing contractors to achieve a sleek polished look.

The color green is reported to evoke a sense of calm productivity so add greens to your office space by using plants and paint. If space and budget allows, consider building an atrium area for staff to relax in and breathe some fresh air, they will return to their desks rejuvenated and ready to work.

Value your employees

All too often it is easy to think that someone has done a good job, without actually telling them! Praise is an excellent motivator, so always remember to give praise when it’s due. Thank people for their efforts and try and be flexible when unavoidable situations such as hospital appointments and family commitments occur.

If a team member makes a mistake, coach them as to how it should be done next time. This works much better and to everyone’s advantage than disciplinary procedures.

Be an excellent role model to your staff team and show enthusiasm. Be approachable and easily contactable.

Encourage loyalty

Loyalty from staff is very helpful in keeping up motivation. If your staff are loyal they will want your business to succeed and they will feel pride when it does. Why not buy your team a pin that they can wear to show unity? You can find some at thepinfactory.com.au. You can also give them all a workplace uniform.

To encourage loyalty even more, ask opinions from staff when making decisions and listen. Ask staff to participate in developing policies and procedures and delegate tasks that will challenge the skills of your employee in a positive way.

Develop an appraisal system which focuses on staff training and development. Listen to what your employee hopes to achieve in the future, relating to work and draw up a plan of how to help them achieve it. If you can encourage staff to participate in training that they are interested your staff retention levels will improve considerably.

Remember a happy team is of great benefit to the viability of your business.    

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