What Is The Difference Between Point Of Sale Systems

Let’s cut right to the chase: most POS systems are disappointing when it comes to, well, just about everything. You need a wireless credit and debit machine with no restrictions. You need merchant services that are actually there for you when you need it. The point is, a POS system, at its most basic, core function, is there to do one thing: be a credit card machine that also helps you accept cash without doing mental math. But, your POS should do more than that.

The difference between POS systems comes down to one word—versatility. If your POS system can only ring in products, it’s basic. If it can do that, and make cancellations easier, it’s at least better. But wouldn’t you like a POS that can take cards offline and store the transactions for when an internet connection is restored? How about a POS system that can manage your inventory, control employee punch in and clock out information, and upgrade at the tap of your finger?

Yeah. It’s not a dream. Wake up and realize that the solution to all of your problems has been staring you in the face all along. The new Clover hardware comes with all that mentioned above, but also has a few bonus features that come in handy when you’re in a pinch. Easy and quick installation, fantastic customer support and solutions, and an easy display that’s quick to learn, and reacts in real time. No lag, no extra slow printing. It works offline when it has to, so you can keep the line moving. Customers hate when a POS system goes down, but yours never has to again when you go with Clover or Clover Flex.

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