The Secret To Being A Timely Construction Company

Being successful as a building contractor means guaranteeing two things: keeping a project under budget and bringing it home on time. That is what every customer wants to hear you say when it comes to procuring who they’ll use. Now, you can say yes to get the job, but if you can’t deliver on those promises then you’ll find that all-important repeat business ain’t going to knock on your door.

So, the big question is: how can you keep these promises? Well, the simple answer is knowing how to make sure your employees are being as productive as possible. After all, if they complete their work on time then the bigger project will follow suit and that will help you grow your business. Simple.  

Unfortunately, though, this isn’t as simple as it sounds. But it isn’t rocket-science either. So, without wanting to hold you up any longer, here are some simple ways you can keep your employees working ahead of time and under budget:

  1. Make Building Sites Luxurious

Let’s be honest for a second, building sites are not the most amazing environments to be working in. Luckily, this can work in your favor. Your employees knew what building sites were like before, so all you need to do is make them better than expected, which is where something as simple as upping your multi purpose unit hire can work wonders. Give your people somewhere nice to hang out on their breaks, allocate them spaces for storing different things and increase the organisational facilities so that they aren’t getting frustrated.

  1. Delegate Clearly And Concisely

One of the biggest productivity-killers on a site is uncompleted tasks, and that tends to happen because people aren’t sure whose responsibility it is. The best way to solve this problem is to remove volunteering from the equation. Instead, make sure every task is assigned to a particular person or team. That way absolutely nothing will get left undone and your project can keep running smoothly.

  1. Don’t Over Assign Either

One of the biggest misconceptions in business is people thinking that multitasking is a good talent to have. But it isn’t. In fact, multitasking makes people 40% less productive. The reason we’re telling you this is to prevent you from over-assigning too many tasks to one person. You wouldn’t expect your architect to put up plasterboard, so don’t expect your carpenters to help with the plumbing. Not just that, but don’t expect one carpenter to be able to install two staircases, lay down reclaim flooring and erect a timber porch on their lonesome in two days. You’ll just slow everything down.

  1. Good Tradesmen Need Good Tools

There is an age-old adage that says a good craftsman should never blame his tools, but that was something that was said when the only tool available was a claw-hammer. Nowadays, technology thrives on making people’s lives easier and tasks easier to complete. As such, if your employees are having to work with inefficient tools, then you have to expect their performance to be slowed up too. State of the art is the best policy to uphold.

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